Small Rooms Decoration Ideas

Small Rooms Decoration Ideas

Black and white plus a color:

Black and white plus a third brilliant color is a foolproof formula for an exciting color scheme. Living room (below), is a case in point.

Decorating idea here is the positioning of tall open-shelved armoire as a focal point, with twin sofas placed face to face.

Interesting furniture arrangement and choice of overscaled cabinet provides boxy-hi-rise living room with character and charm. Designed by Ronald Brick of Burge-Donghia, Inc.

For children’s rooms, state the color of the print: A boldly-patterned and colored bedspread provides the major color theme for delightful child’s room (left). A menagerie of wild animals makes an enchanting bedspread,used here over slim latex mattress. Trim storage units flanking narrow window create, with ceiling high shutters, a niche for the bed.

The schoolboy’s enthusiasm for colorful historical figures is preempted as a logical decorative idea for a young man’s headquarters (bottom left). Waverly print is used for spreads, bolsters, shutter and cafe curtains. Bold red carpeting repeats red of print,while panelled walls are painted white.

One vibrant tone plus white in the bathrooih: A good way to give interest and integrity to a bathroom is to take a single color combination and restate it throughout the area ”as a shower curtain, blinds or shades, accent rug, upholstery fabric.

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