Small Space Dining Room Makeover Ideas

Small Space Dining Room Makeover Ideas

We’re here in Philadelphia and, we’re headed over to Center City to help Sandra fit a living. And dining space in one room welcome to IKEA home tour hey, we’re lone tour squad how are you doing good how are you alright alright you want to see the space sure. I’ll be awesome hello my name is Sandra. And I live in Center City Philadelphia welcome to my small space they’re coming from a house to a small apartment was a big challenge for me. So, I started bringing like pieces of furniture in. And I said boy, I don’t have any space to put anything else here. So, I ended up having a living room area but not really having a dining room area, I don’t know how to fit it into the space. So you can see my challenge you know how do, I create a living room dining room area in this small area that, I do have well Sandra, I really like what you got going on already you’ve got some nice furniture pieces to work with, I think we can help you with your dining space.

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And also incorporating some of your furniture as well okay, we’re all set at the store, we’re gonna head over Sanders place. And get started on the makeover the squad’s just wrapping up with the makeover, we’re just about ready to show Sandra her new space concerning space. So what do you think, I just never imagined it could look my place to look like this all the details usually you really captured my style, I really love it really, I don’t see how you fit this table in this place when we first saw your apartment you can feel like you could fit a dining room in here we use some clever rearranging. And the squad was able to carve out a nice dining nook for you.

When you’re dealing with smaller spaces you have to use furniture that’s flexible the anger toward table is just that it extends. And allows you to sit up to six to eight people here it’s gonna be awesome for your dinner parties it’s great we saw that you had these mom dresses already. So we reuse them as an entertainment plan they’re the perfect height for your TV we paired them with the medium brown festive cabinets. And it all looks like one unit it’s more than doubled your storage now that, I have this wonderful table it’s wonderful living space, I can invite my family. And friends over. And everyone have a great space to enjoy a meal in that’s it for this week’s episode of IKEA home tour for more information on how you can join the tour visit our youtube my blog you.

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