Small Space Entertaining Makeover Ideas

Small Space Entertaining Makeover Ideas

Vanessa. And Marge, I have an active South Florida lifestyle they’ve got homework they’ve got bikes they have dinner parties all in a tiny living room the squad is going to make it all work on this week’s episode of you hi with the ultra squad hi guys please coming thank you. So. I’m Vanessa and. I’m Marge. And we live in Little Havana in Miami we have a very small space it’s about square feet. And it’s just too small to serve all the purposes that we intend for it to serve we have two big bikes. And we also have a table that should be a dining table slash desk area we also have both cases we have a big TV. So we have a lot to fit in this really small space. And we haven’t really been able to figure out how to make it function. And you know look nice. So our ideal space would be cozy. And inviting. And serves a lot of purposes, I can see you guys have some challenges with space.

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And storage well haven’t eeeh, we’re specialists at that. So, we’re gonna design a beautiful in here for you guys cool oh wow this is awesome it’s really us well let me show you your new bike storage area by using the best of suspension rails we were able to wall mount this cabinet which creates this nook down here it’s just perfect for your bikes which, I know had to fit in the room yeah it looks like they belong there mm-hmm since this is such a tight space we use the VRC table that has leaves on it. So you can expand it. And have dinner parties. And not only that it actually works as a great deskthis is our IKEA Stockholm TV unit it’s really simple but elegant has smart cable management built-in.

So all the wires get tucked underneath. And you don’t see them that’s great hey guys we kept your built-in lighting fixtures but we replaced the balls with these IKEA LED bulbs they’re super efficient they’ll last over years, I thought it was breathtaking, I love the space, I got a little emotional, I was like oh my god it just doesn’t feel like our home, I love how the bikes are tucked in perfectly. And not taking over our whole space they’re not the center of attention anymore. And most importantly not only is that design nice but it’s functional we just have a bunch of different little rooms now it feels like within one room. So so much more space, we’re just really grateful we can’t even express it we’re. So happy we love you IKEA well that’s it for this week’s episode of IKEA on tour for more information on having joined the tour visit our youtube my blog.

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We may just look like soft adorable cuddly toys but in fact were powerful heroes that help children get into school. Because we know education is the most basic insurance against living in poverty for every one of us sold in stores the IKEA Foundation will donate to UNICEF. And Save the Children to help children who need it most get into school education is providing for future generations education is also making your own choices better self-confidence. And many things more thank you for buying me. And other soft toys. So that more children can go to school. And have a future full of opportunities to create a better life for themselves. And their families you.

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