Smart Entryway Storage Ideas

Smart Entryway Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to organize your entryway and, add some serious storage we’re here with some ideas to help you out. So this home locked a dedicated entry and, we had to get creative we decide to go with the pax wardrobe system. Because the variety of options allow us to really customize for this space the shallow depth cabinet doesn’t eat up valuable floor space and, the addition of doors lets us hide everything away.

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So before the homeowners didn’t have a great place to store their shoes by adding these metal shelves we gave them a ton of storage and, we added a clothing rail above to give them space not only for their own jackets but a spot for guests as well over on this side we added a number of accessories to help keep them organized pull hooks are great for keys and, we gave them these baskets below which are perfect for on-the-go accessories and, down below we left room for backpacks or other large items and, the peg holes inside will allow the homeowners to adjust the location of the accessories or even add to it as their storage needs change for more information or to start planning your own entry visit the pax planner at IKEA –

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My name is Gabriella, I’m an artist, and, photographer and, I’m a single mom. We moved into this affordable housing where I can do my art in my studio and, have a little bit more space for my two kids. The biggest struggle is that me and, Luna would share the bedroom. Finding ideas to accommodate the two of us has been the biggest struggle It’s really not inviting.

I would like to have it be more of a sanctuary for us. My mom works really hard and, she never really gets a chance to relax and, she deserves a place where she can do that. It’s going to be a learning experience, definitely. It’s just beyond what I imagined could be done with four walls. This feels like everything has a place. It’s a happy place. It’s my sanctuary. I believe that home is one of the most important places for a family. I want them to grow up and, then look back on this experience and, the memories that we are building in the space and, to be able to have a place where we all can share and, feel comfortable in and, enjoy it. It’s a dream come true. So we were very grateful that this is happening.

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