Hi guys this is our Snow White Halloween costume tutorial and we’re going to start with how you make the dress and it looks like this so you’re going to start with two different colors of blue spandex fabric a light blue and a dark blue and you’re going to need to measure yourself from the top of your shoulder to however long you want your dress to be in inches and around your bust now do the length measurement you’re going to double over your fabric and mark out how long you want it and how wide for the bust measurement take that number you got divide it by 2 and then – 3 inches this will allow for your fabric to stretch a little and to fit you snuggly so basically we’re just going to draw out a giant rectangle with the dimensions that you measured it should look something like this I know you can’t really see our yellow crayon that well that’s why we do a little square for you now you’re going to curve out hip curves just so it can give you a nice shape, when you wear it and pin along the shape that you just drew and you can cut it out should look something like this, when you are finished so now we’re going to sew a couple of inches where the shoulders would be however wide you want your shoulder straps to be. But don’t sew all the way across. Because you need space for your neck to go so once you put it on its gonna look like this and you’re just going to measure where you want your arm holes to start and once you pin pin that off you’re going to take a small piece of rectangle fabric of the blight blue and line it up where your arm holes are supposed to start.


So you can see once we sewed it it looks like that next you’re going to put that on and make sure everything’s looking good I know it looks funny. But it all worked out I promise now we’re going to add the white ribbon to close your sleeve off. So you just sew the ribbon on like that a little bit gathered, when you sew it and that way you can tie it up and it will have that bunchy effect that her sleeves have and then you’re going to sew all the way down in an L shape. So you can see we’ve done that it closes up the armhole and all the way down the side make sure you turn it inside out, when you’re sewing and that’s how the arm sleeves work so now we’re going to cut out the neckline so just get a friend or do it in the mirror and draw a u-shape however low you want it and you don’t need to pin it we just did this.

So you could see it better and then just cut it out make sure, when you’re cutting it out you’re only cutting out the front of the dress not the back, when you back to be high, when you get halfway you can fold it over to make sure that your 1/2 circle is symmetrical now we’re going to make the white neck cowl piece so just take some white foam we got this from a fabric store. But you could use craft foam, if you wanted to and you’re going to cut out a shape that looks somewhat like this so the shape that she has plus a strip at the bottom so you’re going to sew the white strip on the bottom of your shape to the inside of the back of your dress so this gives it support and helps it stay up, when you’re wearing it so for the Cape we just took some red this is actually fleece. But you can use whatever fabric you want, and we just cut it in a trapezoid shape and then sewed the two corners to her shoulders so just it’s really sewn and one in two places. So that it gives the baggy effect and for the teardrops on her sleeves we just made this teardrop shape pinned it to the felt and cut it out and repeated that six times so you’re going to have six little teardrop shapes we know that in some she has stripes.

But we think that the teardrop is classic and that’s how it originally was. So we want to keep true to the classic look kind of and then you just put a woman to hot glue on and then place it on your sleeve we did three on each sleeve just spread out evenly and, if your ribbon on the sleeves is fraying at all just take a lighter. But be very careful do not burn yourself, if you just hold a lighter up close to the ribbon it will stop it from fraying singes yeah looks like that and this is what it looks like, when it’s finished there’s the Cape at the back. And I finish it off we just took a yellow tutu or you could use a yellow skirt, if you wanted to and to make her little ribbon headband we just took some red ribbon and glued it to a headband and then made a little red bow by taking some red fabric folding it in half and pinching it in the middle and then just tying around there to kind of hold it all cinched together like that and then just glued it to the headband the makeup we just added a bright red lip and a black wig make sure you don’t eat the apples ladies and gentlemen and hope you have a happy Halloween these are other Disney princess costume tutorials or you can click the playlist at the bottom to see all of our Halloween costumes.

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