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“I want a house with personality.â

A neo-Baroque tub chair brings an element of old-world sophistication to Nicole’s bedroom. “Your likes evolve and become more fine-tuned as you grow older,❠she says of her personal style. “You know what you want, although sometimes I feel like I know what I want too muchbut I guess with maturity you learn how to become flexible.â

a bit more modern.❠This evolution parallels Nicole’s philosophy as a creative in that she acknowledges the need to continuously evolve and progress.

Apart from fueling her creative spirit, Nicole’s natural curiosity has also led her to accumulate more than a few statement pieces that collectively testify to her taste for beautiful things.

âœI decorate as I progress, so I don’t go in and buy everything at the same time,❠she shares. âœI’ll buy pieces that catch my eye, then I’ll make it work or I’ll figure out if it does work in my space.❠Also influenced by her dad’s love for antiques, the designer’s space is anchored by pieces she had inherited from him, including a console table from the Qing Dynasty. âœI like things to be special, symbolic, or have meaning,❠the designer relates. âœIf something doesn’t have meaning, then I probably purchased it because I thought it was really beautiful.â


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