Southern Style Living Rooms

Southern Style Living Rooms

* Check out furniture stores for ideas for living room furniture placement and decorating ideas. Look at their odds and ends decorations (frou-frou) and buy them at big box stores at a discount.

* There is not a huge difference between expensive stereo speakers and low end speakers.

To me, a den speaks comfort. Chairs like recliners in leather or washable fabrics and perhaps a TV. The family might gather for board games.

Extra storage is essential in a den, housing not only games but videos and CDs. Either build shelves into the closet or have a sturdy, freestanding shelf unit.

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If space is tight in your house, think about adding a desk for bill paying, which increases the functionality of the room. As well, add a standing two drawer file cabinet to keep all household receipts and bills in one spot.

It’s nice to hide the TV in a cabinet, or for a large, flat TV mount it on the wall.

Create a charging station for the whole family so cellphones and small computers are less likely to go missing.

It makes family more comfortable to add cushy rugs, soft pillows and cozy throw blankets. These items can be stashed in large baskets when not in use. If you dislike electronics taking over the den, hide them and mix in some pretty pastel colors for pillows or pottery. Vary textures with soft, plush area rugs. Paint a pastel accent wall.

If you work out of your home and you’ve decided on converting a room to a home office, make it simple, clutter free and professional-looking. Hang muted artwork, neat blogshelves and a few wing chairs in front of the desk for visitors. A leather or pseudo leather couch creates extra informal seating.

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