The Spa Cabinet

Another highly visible part of the hot tub is the cabinet that encloses the shell and all of the plumbing and equipment. Traditionally, spa manufacturers have made spa skirts out of redwood or cedar, both of which look beautiful when new but require annual refinishing to maintain their luster more often if the wood is exposed to direct sunlight. Also, wood eventually weakens and succumbs to the elements, especially if a spa cover removal device is attached to the cabinet, which puts extra strain on the wood.

To offer more durable and maintenance-free cabinets, some manufacturers have begun using simulated wood made of polymers. An embossed wood grain and warm coloring give some of these faux wood skirts a natural appearance. Best of all, the polymer material is maintenance-free and often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. A few spa models eliminate the wood skirts entirely by making the cabinet out of the same acrylic used to form the spa shell. A cabinet that

Synthetic spa skirts offer the durability of plastic with the look of wood, stone, or other natural material.

matches the shell can give a uniform appearance to a spa installation and is a nice option if you don’t like the look of wood.

Spa bathroom paint colors | Bathroom Design Ideas And More

Spa bathroom paint colors | Bathroom Design Ideas And More


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