Door Alarms. If installed and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, these devices sound an alarm when someone tries to enter the pool area. Door alarms typically have a pass/reset button or keypad that turns off the alarm temporarily while an adult or authorized user passes through the door. Keep the button or keypad out of the reach of children, and resist the temptation to deactivate the alarm when doorway traffic is heavy.

Locking Covers. Whenever the spa is not in use, make sure that the spa cover is latched and locked to prevent unsupervised or unauthorized access to the tub. Most spa covers are equipped with straps that easily snap into latches attached to the sides of the spa.

Sanitation. Maintain proper sanitizer levels at all times. During periods of heavy spa use, you may need to ask bathers to exit the tub so you can test the water. If you need to add a sanitizer, allow the chemicals to circulate for at least 15 minutes before retesting. Once the sanitizer level is back to an acceptable range, invite bathers back into the water. (For specifics on water chemistry, see Spa Maintenance below.)

Ventilation. For indoor spa installations, you need to ensure that you have adequate ventilation to avoid moisture damage to property, as well as iffriesses such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which can be caused by the breathing of contaminated aerosolized water particles. See page 25 for information about designing an indoor spa installation, and see Hot Tub Lung on page 52 for information about hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Entrapment. Most new spas are designed with multiple inlets so that if one is blocked by a body part, the other one can handle the intake flow without creating enough suction at the other inlet to entrap the bather. Nevertheless, don’t use a spa that has a missing or broken grate over a drain. All swimmers, especially children, should be told not to play with these devices. And people with long hair should not submerge their heads near this inlet, where the suction can cause their hair to become tangled in the fitting, resulting in entrapment.


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