Spa Size Matters

Whether you’re looking for an intimate spa for two or a party spa for ten, there’s a spa design out there for you. By finding the right combination of bucket seats, cool-down benches, and lounges, you’ll have an ideal spa that meets all of your therapeutic and entertainment needs.

Eight-person spa with bucket, bench, and lounge seating.

As you search for that perfect spa shell design, don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. You’ll be using your new spa for many years, so you’ll want one that you find relaxing. Good spa retailers will encourage you to sit in the dry spas they have on display. And an increasing number of dealers are creating private mood rooms where shoppers can don bathing suits and try out operational spas before they buy. This way you can truly see how comfortable the spa is when it’s filled with water, whether the water is deep enough for your liking, and whether there’s adequate room to stretch out and do those aquatic exercises you like. Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a car without taking it for a test drive, so why buy a spa before taking it for a test soak?

Microfiber Spa and Bath Rug in Bathroom Rugs

Microfiber Spa and Bath Rug in Bathroom Rugs


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