Space-Saving Furniture

Your home can be smart as well as functional. Invest in these savvy solutions to help you sav space, and take the effort out of tidying up

1. The handy trolley

Besides the convenience it ofers when entertaining at home, this nifty drinks trolley can also be used if you need some extra storage space. Put it in the kitchen when you want more counter space, set it up in the dining room when you’re hosting a bufet dinner, or use it to move dirty dishes back to the kitchen afterwards. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

2. The storage table

In a small living room, furniture needs to work harder – this cofee table has cupholders, a place to keep your old issues of Essentials, and so much more. The table’s four top dividers open up to provide ample space to stash all your gadgets, TV remotes, you name it. It’s also mounted on convenient castors, so rearranging your living room furniture is easier than ever.

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3. The tidy shoe rack

What’s a gal to do when her cupboard is overflowing with shoes? No, the solution isn’t to stop buying more – instead, invest in a space-saving storage rack. Pop this one into the bottom of your cupboard to maximise floor space and keep your shoe collection tidy and well protected.

4. The bookshelf-planter

Bring the joy of the outdoors inside by introducing a bit of greenery in a bland home oice. There’s no need to use pot plants as bookends anymore, either – this bookshelf-planter has more than enough space for your books and files. It’s the perfect height to provide privacy in a shared oice space, or put it flush against the wall to keep it out of the way.

5. The ottoman-sleeper

No space for a sleeper couch? No problem – this little ottoman-sleeper is the perfect alternative. It conveniently unfolds to provide sleeping space that’s perfect for kids’ sleepovers or that unexpected guest who needs to stay the night after a party. It’s comfy, compact, and can double up as extra seating when it’s not in use. Genius.

6. The clever cabinet

Ensure none of your bling ends up in a messy tangle, thanks to this freestanding jewellery cabinet that also doubles up as a full-length mirror with adjustable tilting angles. Its black velvet interior feels as good as it looks and it’s fully lockable – what more could you need?

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