Hi everyone my name is Abby and today we are bringing you some spring / Easter themed DIYs and fun tips you can try out also we’re super excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to test out ‘s new beta smell sense, if you guys don’t know we have the sponsor button. So you like to try out some beta things with us as well as our audience basically it’s a way for you to smell what’s going on in our posts which is a really cool feature especially. Because we do a lot of like scented things in our DIY journeys basically you can go ahead and click that gear button in the settings below and that will bring up a menu and you should see the smell Sun you can just click it to activate it basically how it works is you want to adjust the sensitivity you can do Shift + volume or you can double tap volume, if you’re on mobile, if you guys aren’t seeing that setting yet don’t worry. Because is rolling it a world-wide over the next couple weeks.


But we’re excited to have you guys DIY with us today and smell along ok let’s go start with the first DIY the first step we’re going to make some spring slush Easter cookies which we’re really excited for so first of all whip up your favorite cookie base recipe chocolate chip plain whatever you feel like we chose a chocolate chip cookie dough base next we’re going to shape these into our cookie shape once we have all of our cookies laid out we’re just going to take some mini chocolate eggs perfect for Easter and spring and just put them on top of our cookies next we’re gonna pop them in the oven for about nine or ten minutes oh my god I totally forgot about these oh those are burnt guys turn down your smell sense this is not good oh shoot just the back Roberto how about we try the number ones next we do you like taste post this is the perfect cookie to bring to Easter or any of your spring parties all right so next up I’m gonna show you how to make this super cute marbleized effect on a really cute pop that you can put like spring flowers in or anything springtime II this is so so easy to do so all you need to do is get a bucket of water or something that’s large enough to dip your pot in and sameer polish in some fun springtime colors so start by taking your nail polish and pouring some of it into the water the smell of nail polish always reminds me of summertime I think it’s. Because I paint my toes much more in the summer that I do it any other time, when I smell it you don’t love nail polishes your nail polish smell. And I also have this darker pink that I’m gonna try to add in some multi as I mentioned here and what you can do, if you’re not in love with the design is take a stick or a toothpick or something and just mix it up to make even more of a pattern okay and now you just dip your pot in that was incredibly easy it took like all of 10 seconds to do and you can do this a couple times might take you a couple tries to get the right technique and pattern that you want. But I’m gonna let this dry and we’ll come back to finish it, when it’s dry okay so this is dry and so cute so to finish it I’m gonna take these garden mums which smell absolutely incredible and exactly like spring and put them in the pot and that’s gonna complete a lovely spring flowered DIY I’m just gonna leave this on the screen for you guys so your room can smell like flowers for a little bit I was you guys nobody.

And I love our diffusers. So we’re gonna share with you our favorite blend for spring this includes two drops of rosemary two drops of lemon and two drops of lavender mmm you guys smell that Becky come closer through they can smell it this combo is florally. But still fresh for spring happy parole guys obviously this isn’t a real feature yet. But wouldn’t it be awesome, if it was it’d be very cool and also I feel like on April Fool’s posts get like a lot of hate.

Because we’re like lying or something or like clickbait guys it’s a joke we also did the bronze play button a while ago fetus Abby and Becky trick to the Internet. But that post was like almost 700,000 views, and we still sometimes get emails to her email that’s like how do you get the bronze play button. And I’m like guy like first thing they said in that post was this is an April Fool’s joke. But to keep the April Fool’s we aren’t going on this post comment something below like oh my goodness those cookies were delicious or like that lavender made my room smell unreal yeah bet people reading it think that’s real play along and honestly we will get some gullible people like I know you’re probably reading you’re like obviously obviously this is fake.

But there are gullible people out there and children are we allowed to trick the children. But don’t ruin it guys don’t reveal it until the very end cause we’re not people to have a fun time with this post so happy April Fool’s guys also Happy Easter and happy springtime you guys like this post make sure that you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you sub it for some more totally real things coming out soon smell you later can you smell it though should be ready any minute now do you guys smell that it’s so good let me do a lesser okay what would radical your Abby say okay oh oh shoot I forgot oh that smells bad guys turn down your smell now it.

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