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Hey everyone welcome back I’m super excited you guys we are at 20,000 commentrs I’m so thankful for each and every one of you you all means so much to me. And I’m so glad to be able to have this platform here on to inspire others you all inspire me.

And I just want to say thank you again and, if you’re new here welcome please comment to my blog, if you’re interested in these kind of posts I’d love to have you part of the family today I want to demonstrate my new spring table scape to help you with any ideas on how to glam up your own table scape first I want to go over my new table seat accessories I came across one of the most fantastic companies called totally dabbled and the website is totally dazzle com I’ll leave the website link of the description box I was able to find so much Sparkle that my table was needing and silver and gold they have such a big selection of items to choose from it was so hard to pick I just can’t say enough how happy I am with my order of these items the website was so easy to navigate shipping with superfast the material is of superb quality and really enhances my dining set appearance this set just makes my arrangement look very unique and luxurious I definitely look forward to ordering more for the future to escape this was seriously like the first thing added to my cart. Because, when I saw the size of this thing how beautiful quality it looks on the website I was just so amazed I had to have it and, when I came in person I was even more and wow. Because look how thick it is and it’s ten yards and links I love this I can’t wait to make future DIYs with it I couldn’t decide on these two beauties. So I had to get both they are the rhinestone buckle sliders and silver and gold these two looks similar.

Spring Tablescape Glam Decor Totally Dazzled PLUS Giveaway CLOSED Photo Gallery

But they aren’t the first one is called the vintage diamante napkin ring and the second one is called the antique starburst napkin ring. And I also had to pick this one up in gold just can pass it up I didn’t know which one to pick so of course how to pick both. And I wanted to show you guys the back of these. Because they are just great quality they come with the napkin rings already or you can just order the ones with the pins you can put a ribbon or a napkin through them and they will just work out so amazing, when I saw these on totally dazzled calm I had to have these they shine so beautiful in person I wish you could see how much they shine.

But unfortunately the camera isn’t doing you any justice, when I think of spring the colors that come to mind are coral and white. And I love these flowers so much hydrangeas are one of my favorites these were actually from our wedding. And I saved them up. But took them out.

Because this even was appropriate and for the decor I love to incorporate things that mean so much to me these gold butterfly vases are from HomeGoods it is from the Nicole Miller home collection the table runner is from Pier one next to the butterfly base is this crystal two-tier stand from home gates I really like adding it to the table. Because I serve dessert tiers or cupcakes or sometimes fruit bowls depending on what my guests like and here’s another view of these flowers I love this color so I’m so happy that this is the color scheme for my table this is a little butterfly candleholder. And I’m so excited I take that one up as well. Because I would regretted it, if I hadn’t and this is an overview of what everything looks like these beautiful napkin rings I love these totally dazzled pieces they are honestly the cherry on top to my dining room table they are such a beautiful quality.

And I just can’t believe the price for these these are just more high-end. And I’m so happy that these are so much affordable the candelabra is from home goods as well as the mirror behind it the mirror clock is from kirklands and it was originally black that I painted it beige to match the dining room I wanted to glam up this flower vase. So I use totally dazzling wrap and then I use their beautiful and napkin rings and buckles sliders I use the gold one as well as the silver ones and then I just mix match and they just came out so stunning I seriously love these from totally dazzled look at this bling and silver just perfect here’s another up close on the antique starburst napkin ring again the post doesn’t do it any justice. But I promise you it blings and shine so get in here this is an overview of the table scape I switched the silver ones Allen put these gold ones in.

And I love the mixed metal look you guys it just looks so good never thought I would do it. But there’s always the first or something right the way these napkins are are usually how I sell them. And I did the bows to try a new look. But let me know what you think do you like better the bows or this style it’s giveaway time totally dazzled is kind enough to sponsor a twenty dollar gift card to one winner for totally dazzled calm the rules to enter this giveaway is that you must be commentd to my blog and comment to totally dazzle blog inputs that will be in the description box you must also like this post leave a comment down below of what you would like and follow us on Instagram the deadline for this giveaway is June 9th 2018 thank you all so much for reading hope you enjoyed this post and a special thanks to totally dazzled for sponsoring this post have a super blessed day everyone you.

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