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Slice and dice your kitchen clutter and restore order with these smart storage ideas

Are your kitchen cupboards a mess of long-forgotten groceries and (usually lidless) Tupperware – never mind the cluttered countertops? Whoever said ‘tidy kitchen, tidy mind’ was on to something but where to start? Here are seven brilliant ways to declutter…

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1. The storage solution

Feel like your pantry is stuffed full of old cereal boxes and half-finished bags of rice? Keep dry food fresh and easily accessible with glass jars that make it easy to see when you need to refill or stock up.

2. The spice of life

Who has the space for a dedicated spice drawer? Not us. How clever (and not to mention gorgeous!) is this magnetic spice rack (see 2 below)? Fit it on a cupboard or even on the fridge to save loads of space.

3. The easy organiser

Have you ever jammed your cutlery drawer so full that you can’t even open it? We know the feeling. Enter our latest life-changing discovery: drawer dividers will keep your clutter under control – shop around and you’ll even find customisable dividers.

4. The multi-use holder

Want to save yourself time? Pop those regular-use items like wooden spoons and egg lifters in a utensil holder that’s also pretty enough to show off on the counter. What’s the point in having nice stuff if nobody ever gets to see it?

5. The handy hang-all

Maximise storage space with fitted hooks and rails installed on the inside of cupboards. They’ll keep drying cloths and sponges out of sight (just make sure the cupboard’s ventilated!), and you’ll be able to hang spray bottles on the rail. Still struggling? A rail of hooks on the side of a cabinet – say one near the sink – gives you a spot to put utensils, too.

6. The smart space saver

Can’t even remember what’s lurking at the back of the corner cupboard (yes, we know it’s easier to just close the door and forget about it)? Don’t waste time rummaging through stacks of old containers – simply upgrade your cupboard with a lazy Susan to place items on. It doesn’t need to be installed, a free-standing one works just as well.

7. The butcher’s block

Invest in a mobile butcher’s block (add casters to the bottom if it doesn’t already have them) to help transport heavy dishes and act as extra storage. The bonus? It doubles up as extra counter space when you’re cooking or entertaining. Genius!


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