A Striking Black House Appears to Float in the New Zealand Mountains

Right: Examples from Gretta’s impressive spool collection—some sporting homespun ties—add prim charm to a bead board-backed shelf above the stairs.

A Striking Black House Appears to Float in the New Zealand Mountains Photo Gallery


Opposite: Located across from the front door, this living room wall boasts a cupboard made of old barnwood that Gretta proudly snagged at a yard sale. She uses it to display everything from redware plates and candle molds to a vintage grater and a stitchery depicting her and Jeremy’s children.

A recently renovated 1940s Colonial is the perfect spot for a seasonal awakening, and the Country Sampler stylists bring in spring with plenty of charming country fare.

Danelle Harvey and Deborah McCoy knowa little something about risk versus reward: When the house flippers bought their first project property in 2008. it was against the better judgment of their loved ones. ‘‘We did our first flip against our friends’ and family’s advice, Danelle says. ‘And it ended up selling in three days!

That initial success set them up for many more noteworthy rehab projects one of the most impressive being abrick Colonial in Decatur, Indiana, built in the 1940s. Bought at a sheriff’s sale in late 2015, the house was in really, really, really bad shape, Danelle recalls. ‘‘It hadn’t been touched since the 1980s. We updated everything except the bricks, inside and out. In addition to opening up the floor plan, the team installed pine-board floors with square nails and put in new windows and doors.



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