Studio Apartment Makeover Ideas

Studio Apartment Makeover Ideas

We’re here in the Petworth area of Washington DC to help Namit a transformer studio into a dream bachelorette pad welcome to IKEA home tour hey. I’m sore squad how are you good to my home common thank you. So this is my studio apartment it’s a small all-in-one like square feet. I’m nama t, I live in Washington DC in the Petworth area northwest I’ve lived in this space since mid-april. And I chose this studio. Because it’s close to work there are a lot of amenities in the area. And I wanted someplace that was um like walkable my biggest challenge in this space is entertaining. And just trying to figure out where everything can be placed. And just having people in this small studio is just it’s kind of hard all right well the squad. And I, we’re gonna go ahead. And take a look at the space get some measurements kind of plan it out head to the store. And if you don’t mind we’d like you’d actually help us great sounds good awesome we just have a few more things to find.

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And then, we’re off to Nami teaspoon. So Naaman si helped us build all the furniture but we really want to surprise her with a lot of the souvenirs that she’s collected from all around the world. So he sent her off. So we could get ready for the big reveal what do you think oh my god oh my gosh what, I can’t even even have, I don’t even have words wow you guys are totally outdone yourselves oh my gosh it looks amazing, I love it absolutely all right. So nama tea we gave you these two cubic one Cedars. So they are great. Because you can remove the covers change them up but they’re also machine washable, I know you had a bunch of shoes. And we ended up organizing them with this style shoot cabinet. So has ventilation as plenty of space to keep your shoes just like them and. So over here we took advantage of you know oh my gosh. And create a space for you to be able to entertain it’s wonderful everything about it is exactly what, I wanted. And it’s such a small space but doesn’t seem like it you know everything just seems seems brighter. And it seems bigger. And I do, I love everything about it that’s it for this week’s episode of IKEA home tour for more information on how to join the home tour make sure you subscribe to our a Kia YouTube my blog.

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