Stylish Workspace Makeover

Stylish Workspace Makeover

Hi my name is Julie Miur, I’m from Portland Oregon. I have three wonderful dogs, all jack russels. I’ve got my dysfunctional office that I can’t stand anymore. I make jewelry in this room. I manage an association of real estate managers. I also write. I am an author and, an instructor so I’ve got those materials in here and, there’s just not enough desk space. This room allows me to be creative.. Because I work so much I need to have some sort of a stress releiver and, making jewelry and, writing allows me to think of other things and, expand my mind a little bit more than from just my day job. Less time organizing and, finding things and, more time doing more projects for women who need jewelry for their weddings and, stuff like that. It just allows me to be more effective and, more proactive in what I do. I have a big credenza that weighs a ton and, that doesn’t need to be in here. It’s taking up space. Gosh, my dream room would be calm, peaceful, less cluttered.

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Somehow I would love to see cabinets instead of beads and, papers and, files. When I look in this room I have to ask myself where did all that junk go that I had. Now I have everything that I need. It’s all back in this room, but it’s hidden. You can’t see it and, so therefor it doesn’t look as cluttered. It doesn’t look as junky and, I have everything at my fingertips, right above my head, right off to the side, or even in the drawers that you guys provided. It’s perfect. It looks so much bigger. This space looks huge. I really needed to take the time to go through everything that I had in this room and, determine if I really needed everything to stay, and, of course it didn’t. and, now I can be relieved of that pressure to actually do something and, now I actually can come in this room and, have fun doing what I do. The lighting in here is just absolutely amazing. It’s like I really want to work in here now. I’m so inspired to do so. Instead of work being a chore, it’s now going to be fun. I can be a little bit more creative, a little bit more free of the stress which allows my creativity to come out even more. Being relieved from thinking about this room is just going to change my entire life. It was a chore before, now it’s going to be a joy.

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