Summer House Designs

Summer House Designs

Botanical Wraps
Make color copies of botanical prints or seed packets and use the paperrather than fabricon the top of homemade jams and jellies. The print you choose can relate to the ingredients in the homemade item. Place the printed paper over the top of the sealed jar and secure with a rubber band. Then tie with a cord. Make a small card on which you write the ingredients and give your jam a title, such as my friend did: “Tangy Tomato Sauce, made with farm-grown ingredients.” Punch a hole in one corner and tie to the jar lid. For these jars, she used prints of fat, juicy tomatoes.
Bright Tins
Spray-paint a bunch of same-size cookie tins in primary colors. Then interchange the lids so you have a bright blue lid on a yellow tin and a yellow lid on a red tin. Line them with matching tissue, fill and stack two or three, then tie with a ribbon. The tins will be used long after the contents have been consumed.
Parchment-Paper Wrap
Use a paper punch to punch out an outline of snowflakes, trees, or just a border of evenly spaced holes around plain white parchment paper. Wrap your packages or use the punched paper to line a basket filled with sugar cookies. The cookies might be in the shape of Christmas trees, stars, or snowflakes outlined with white icing and sprinkled with sugar. Place the basket on a table for guests to help themselves. This will create a delightfully edible decoration. And don’t forget, if you make a hole in the top of each cookie before baking, you can hang the finished cookies on the tree. Use white or gold cord. Reminder: You can make cookies any time and freeze them for Christmas giving.

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