We talked about how chill these sweaters are hi guys my name is Abby hi or the star girls and we’ll make its letters today for Christmas gift week guys this is Christmas gift week, if you didn’t realize this isn’t yeah it’s a Monday right mm-hmm okay it’s DIY gift week, if you guys didn’t realize this is a Monday and it’s like why are you uploading on Monday well that’s.

Because we have five posts this week of five different DIY Christmas gift ideas we have so many ideas who wants to take a whole week to explain them and tell you how easy and affordable they are to make. So we’re starting out with this really simple and fun idea of DIY Christmas sweaters I was trying to think, if we were making like ugly Christmas sweaters or just like cool sweaters they’re almost like so bad they’re good you know I mean I think this is pretty good I don’t think it’s bad at all make sure you guys are commentd that you don’t miss any of these DIYs tutorials for the whole week and a bunch of other holiday content for the other weeks. But I mean specifically this week DIY Christmas gift week okay so let’s talk about how we actually make these sweaters the first step is figuring out what word or quote or saying you want to put on the sweaters and that was probably the hardest part of this whole post I know I feel like we spent like an hour going back and forth oh I’m like what we should write on the sweaters looks like a cord like awesome dope dope sounds a little bro easy I’m a bro my bro sweater no I’m giving this my dad what I want to say I love taxes did you travel taxes tax pay tax pay my dad is tax pay one thing I will say is trying to keep it short. Because I mean it does take some time to write all the letters so the less letters you have the better.


So we started with using a thrifted sweater and now, if you’re giving us as a gift you might want to buy a sweater or, if you know that whoever you’re giving it to is totally cool with upcycling and reusing then head to the thrift store and pick yourself up a nice sweater so for our example sweater in this post we chose the word taco. So we’re gonna be using some sewing pins to mark out the space that we want our word to go on the sweater we tried doing this with like markers or like sewing pencil crayons. But it really didn’t show up on the yarn sweater. So we just went with pins to kind of create a box of whereabouts who want the word to go on the sweater next grab yourself some really chunky yarn and whatever color you want put the yarn through a really thick needle and start by making a knot at the end of your yarn that’s big enough so it won’t come through the sweater start by making one small stitch starting from the bottom coming up and going back down then come up from the bottom a slightly larger distance away and then take your needle and pass it sideways through the first stitch you made and then bring your needle back and pass it through the hole that was made, when you came up from the bottom repeat that so you’re coming up from the bottom a small distance away passing the needle sideways under the two pieces of yarn and then go back into the hole that was last created so just repeat this process again and again and you start to have each chain start to form and there you go you figured out how to do the chain stitch tip I would just say to making this work for you is practice makes perfect I mean we consider ourselves like that my experts.

Because we do this a lot. And I was a little confused at first so after just doing it over and over again it clicks and it’s really easy it’s so easy and look how cute it looks. So we are free handing this, if you need to kind of like use a piece of paper or something you can use that as a stencil. But honestly I think free handing it was just the easiest as long as you’re staying within those pin lines that you created for yourself just go one letter at a time and even one like part of the leather and the time like I mean do the T.

And I’m gonna cross the teeth and like just really mapping it out you can’t mess up too badly and, if you do just cut your yarn and start again and the tip is to add a knot to the back every time you were done a new letter. So that in case you mess up further on, if you cut the yarn not everything comes out not everything not not everything. So that it’s not everything and, when you’re all said and done you’re gonna have a custom sweater for yourself or whoever you’re gifting it to and guys let us know the constant below what you’re gonna write on your sweaters. Because maybe next time we do something like this we won’t have to sit around for like ever and try to figure out what’s right on sweater so get excited guys.

Because we have a full week planned of really awesome Christmas gift ideas coming for you so comment, if you’re not already. Because I don’t want you to miss any of them and, if you guys like this post make sure that you give it a like, if you love that make sure you sub it and we’ll see you oh my god not next time like tomorrow.

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