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Every now and then you come across a tiny house. That’s been built to a really exceptional Standard and that’s exactly the case with this next place. I’m about to visit right now I’m in the workshop of Jeff hobbs who’s been commissioned to build a truly amazing tiny house on wheels Get it Jeff do they breathe so you goodnight? Fantastic to meet you yeah nice to meet you too, and what an impressive-looking tiny house? You’ve built here mate Yeah Thank you So tell me first about what is on the roof because that’s the first thing that I’m noticing is this really impressive solar setup You’ve got up there yeah, well we’ve got two 300 watt solar panels, and we’ve got a solar collector Going to solar tank that’s inside the box right and we’ve got a hit a tank on top of that It’s about a hundred litres, and that’s giving us a low-pressure water system And we’ve got a wet back from the fire as well that goes into the soil tent So this tiny house is designed to be entirely off the grid yeah it does [have] a Caravan plug if you happen to need it and so yeah the plan is that it’s Totally autonomous because obviously this isn’t the house that you’re gonna live in you’ve built this for a client [this] right here lady named Bly Hale Commissioned me about 18 months ago and she came and said that she doesn’t know how [to] draw but she knows how to paint with woods right so she many emails went back and Forth as I drew the plans and took about six months that process so firstly tell me a little bit about the material that were actually used on the outside here because This looks really good [yes], so that’s [a] Meranti plywood And we we used um what I call sips or structurally insulated panels, right? And [they’re] sixty two millimeters thick and they’ve got Polyurethane foam in the core.

I wanted a thin wall that had high insulation So that had maximum footprint ins and the house itself [I] wanted something that was light. I wanted something that was strong and Because there’s a very rigid structure I can put a jack on the one corner And there’s no wrecking great going on that way the windows are always closed and shut and so what do we have the head of the trailer here is this the Utility area yeah, that’s the utility cupboard [yep] So this is the electrical side All right wow so look at that cables come down from the solar panels and to the mpPT controller which is a 60 amp Morningstar And it goes down [to] the batteries to 6 volt batteries, which is a 12-volt system and it’s got 445 million [powers] right and then we’ve got a 1300 Watt Inverter And we were Gonna go 12 volt But then she decided no She really wants to wash clothes in a washing machine [and] what about this over here cuz there’s a few more cupboards Well that’s going to be the washing machine, but we here alright front loader. What a cool idea And what a great place to put it yeah and over the other side here So that’s going to be the for the [guest] bottle at the bottom This [is] the pump the gray water pumps going in there this week And it’s got the tempering valve so you don’t scald yourself from hot water cylinder Right first really the nerve center of the [panel] [in] there alright. Well, let’s take a look inside betta I’m [keen] to see what you’ve done on the inside This looks incredible you can really See unless you’re history as a boat builder as well. I couldn’t help having spent a lot of time burbling I couldn’t help going that way so got recycled metal on the city.

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Right and the sun flooring is lovely do this recycled caring that’s really beautiful yeah, so the carry and the metal were they not too heavy to use in the construction Sonny young as [stories] sips on the floor yeah [I] put fiberglass sheathing on the bottom to stop any moisture getting in and we Bent all the carry to three millimeters thick and we [beckham] [pressed] it on the whole floor and that just [look] spectacular So how big is the house? so six point seven meters long yeah two point five meters wide Overall and what about the height? So we got two meters and under the loft and one point four meters above the loft so yeah Really really good sized home feels really lovely open spacious these skylights are such a nice feature as well Aren’t they yeah? Yeah, they just lived so much licen and actually really helped to open up the whole space [eh] yeah And having the high headroom Just gives you such a sense of space it really does so tell me about the the sofa in this area first as well underneath all of these we’ve got storage our grain and and underneath here as well, and then if you want you can turn it into a double beer and Hope you hold that bricen [alright] Set this pulls out here. [oh] wow look at that, and it just goes into the corner there and then that goes down [way] And there you’ve [got] a bead I mean you’ve got not only a seating area so during the day you’ve also got lots of storage That’s built into that and a place for guests to sleep.

Yeah, it’s thinking about those kind of extra little bits that will make the house so much more functional and make it such a great space to live in well a Yeah, that’s right. She’s living here. [full] [time] every day. Yeah, it’s got to work So that one’s got a plywood bottom on it. So that you can put your light clothes or blankets in there and strap it around and It won’t be too difficult [now] this I really like as well It’s really difficult to find space for a little office or workstation, but look at that. That’s really cute hmM. That’s cute I believe she’s gonna put an old gramophone here Really apparently wow yeah, so I think she’s going to use her laptop because she’s going to get a table [I] think [she’s] going to do her laptop work here sitting down.

Yeah And I’m just [gonna] play records and so in pride of place here We’ve got the spikey wood. Stove yep, and this looks really fantastic doesn’t it instead of cracking a bottle of champagne on the Boat where you let the fire last night. Yeah as a token or symbol of You know a new beginning, and I really love the plate that you’ve got here. That’s built into the floor. How did you do that? Well Ellen the guy that’s been working with me. He found it in a friend’s dump right. It was an old dishwasher Really grabbed it and cut it out with [a] cut-off wheel and that just looks so good We just put a little router mark around So it said uh nicely yeah, we’ve only had it going um last night the first time yes It went [really] well, and it’s heated up the water Yeah, that’s great.

So simple. So where is the water coming from in this house? So she’s harvesting it with a spouting on the side. That’s [fully] [made] a big one and we’re putting a Spouting on the Veranda yeah, and I’ve calculated that on average Rainfall the ball it will collect 32,000 litres a year wow So they’re just going to be a tank which is going to be separate from the houses and sitting in Grove She’s getting a plastic tank initially Overall that corner and so the kitchen in here This looks really fantastic is this the recycled wood again? Yes, so this is a recycled carry, but again I just used three mil veneer which I’ve a compressed on two ply friend blow panels posts 15 or Pt phone And just because weight solution, and this sink is beautiful And there’s a really lovely feature hat where did this come from because it doesn’t look like no, no She didn’t bite at my tatin. Yeah, she made it at night class wow Yeah, that’s really lovely and she made the tiles as well, I Think it’s little things like that that really make the home special [eh] yeah [well] to touch and their range hood up there Yeah, that’s a 12-volt range. Hood looks really nice [Kami]. I like it. It’s got likes Leds let’s go Smoke then yeah, and for real cook up fast man fantastic store flows out the front there Yeah, so what about the cooktop here? The stove yes? It’s a little too burner and It’s got to grow one another It’s the only thing that the gas has to run and the fridge here has nDele 130 litre right and at I put some ice in it, and it throws it in the Icebox Overnight Brilliant, that’s good and then behind me here is the bathroom is it yeah? yeah, it’s a nice little bathroom [walk-in] shower, and a nice little basin that we picked up with a Demotion yeah looks lovely hmm.

So I noticed that the shower doesn’t actually have a curtain or anything that Yet to be fitted or is the idea Roberto. I was gonna for the curtain and then yesterday She came in looking for maybe. I won’t because I banished the floor so it just needs to have a floor mat and so it’s like walk and walk out shower, and 2 litres a minute that’s really efficient isn’t it yeah no for sure Example, so it’s not much water coming out here, and if you’ve got a floor mat there. It’s not really puzzles I don’t know if you’ll have [us] down to it or not pictures up to tonight And so there’s a composting toilet in here – [uh] yeah, there is separate and had the euro and diverter um It’s got a carousel so that the bucket [does] [tunes] around you know tommy sit down. It’s also got the sneak feature where? when you sit on the toilet seat That opens up. I’ll bag do the business and It closes again see they have to look at it and because you’ve got a urine diverter separating the Urine from the feces that actually Stops the smell and so what about the storage spacing is some really nice really nice shallow storage here, and yeah I think this is going to be the pantry area and so it’s got cupboard doors here all the shelves are adjustable Fresh install quite a bit of food in this area Absolutely, and what about these ones here, so that’s the wardrobe right? And that’s a big space you could just about lover me That’s huge so she’s going to have all shoes and some other clothes stored on shelves of the back And then she’s going to hang some clothes across the width of it as well fantastic And this she could do stuff on this door as well, and I really really like the stair design yeah I think that’s just so space efficient isn’t it? I’m very happy with this because I’m probably wanted to have a letter brain. I wasn’t happy with the idea of a letter um just doesn’t seem safe, so We finally came [up] with this brain way of having three hundred [mill] risers giving us a bigger footprint on each step so we’re having [60s] plus the top right and It’s just so easy to get up to do a little twist here hang on there, and you can get up very very comfortably Even an old guy can get up here and [getting] down is easy, too We talked about putting a safety rail here We may do that because that could be portals instant winter right, but that’s correct [too].

Can there’s some storage here. [oh] Cool Hm this goes in a bit more storage and [so] let’s have a look at the sleeping loft [wow] This is such a nice loft space already this is actually a really comfortable sized space isn’t it so how high is it in here [1.4], and That’s absolutely all you need isn’t it yeah, I Love the skylight there that is such a wonderful feature yeah, yeah [this] leading [lets] a lot of the hot air out and the summer and you get up on the roof you can open it right up and fun for them and so, what [about] Packing up and moving this tiny house [cuz] it’s obviously not going to stay here So yes, it’s gonna be traveling soon to Waiheke island. Yeah, how does that all work, so? The Miranda the [Veranda] [and] the Deck [are] solar panels the Solar Tanks [Heater] Tank They all come [off] it takes us a day to disassemble rain house, so this deck is in two parts And then there’s a walkway, and then there’s a front walkway, so it’s four parts to it, right it’s all bolts together Tool bolted into barrel locks in there and the walls comes away really quickly, and it’ll take us a day There’s a symbol and to pack it up on I’ll pack all that stuff on a separate trailer So I guess the big question now is what was the budget for this tiny house? Well um, I didn’t really know how much the 20 house would cost to build um And I thought we could do it for [$100,000] But we did add a lot as we went on with the build and actually was spent just over seventy thousand just on materials alone and equipment and There’s been two thousand four hundred and something hours going into it so well I really want to build tiny houses for Young people so [that] it can be affordable, [I] don’t want to be making 20 houses for the rich and famous yeah but it also needs [to] be affordable for me of course, so this balance here, so and Briar will be paying you know somewhere around the hundred twenty thousand dollar man, [and] it’s not giving us a very big hourly rate. Yeah [but] next time we’ll be able to make them quicker.

Yeah, I think that there’s a lot of different aspects that’s going into that isn’t there because There is a lot of [labor] which goes into constructing a small space and I think quite often people forget that anything that’s going into a regular house is going into a tiny house as well and sometimes [a] lot more because you’ve also got the trailer cost to think about and all that as well, so in a lot of ways a Tiny House For the size is a lot sometimes more expensive than what you’re paying for a regular house, isn’t yeah, well per square meter But it’s through the roof yeah But it still is a really affordable option and I know most people build their own tiny houses, but for some of my buyer She couldn’t do that I think [a] lot of people are seeing that having big big houses as a bit mad and They don’t really want to do the house work anymore And [they] want to have more freedom and that they can live [in] a small space Really comfortably? and I think people are seeing that having big mortgages are made – and that the only winners are the banks and Lawyers because of all the divorces [I] think there’s going to be an explosion of interest in tiny houses when people start to see all the Advantages [and] [the] potential for the tiny house idea well Jeff I think you have done a really fantastic job and Constructing this house your experience as a cabinet maker and as a boat builder I think really show off and this is a house that you can be very proud of constructing so Thank you very much for giving me the tour I’m very catching up with [briar] when she’s actually moved into the place [and] somehow it’s all working out for it so great I can’t wait to see it all in its new home. Yeah great this tiny house really has been [furnished] to an exceptional standard from the Incredible solar system all of the water catchment and off grid technology Through to the finish [and] all of the joinery and the woodwork in here you can really tell that it has that professional touch I’m Really excited to meet its owner breyer and see the house again once it’s all set up on yyk you you you.

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