Hi guys today we have Taylor Swift cat ears, if you guys haven’t seen her post 20 to go check it out it came out a couple weeks ago we love it.

Because my favorite song for the longest time yeah from her new album red and she wears these cute little cat ears just like these ones yes so these are the gold version we tried to do exactly like hers and then we did it for color we did black as well we think it looks so good in classy on Taylor. Because her hair is like a golden blonde. So we feel that, if you have like black hair or brown hair you should do like copper or Brown. Because then it kind of blends in and it’s not as costing me.


Because that’s the best part about it it’s actually classy the way she wears them so what you’re going to need is a 16 gauge wire that is flat we got this from Michaels, and we got it in obviously gold. But you know whatever color you want yeah just. So you know, when we were there there was all these different colors so get whatever matches your hair color yeah or, if you want to pillow slips cool you’re getting you Pryor’s the headband we got this plastic one from our Dean’s isn’t like a pack of three or four it wasn’t the exact shade of gold. But it’s close enough and, if you do want to make it exactly the same we thought that you could just glue the wire over top to make it exactly the same color yeah you’re eating super glue and some small Ryan’s go so first you’re going to lay down your headband and actually draw out where you think you want your kidneys to go and how big you want them to be so after you’ve done this step you’re going to take your 16 gauge wire and then bend it into shape just over top of your pencil yeah it’s basically like stencil so once you’ve used your pliers and kind of bent that into shape you’re gonna do the same with the other ear.

And I are gonna have to next you’re going to take your wire ears and lay them on top of the headband and just lay them arrange them see where how high you want them to be in the perfect size and everything and then just take your sharpie and Mark where the headband weeps the wire. So you know where to bend it and then next you’re going to bend the wire underneath to make a triangle shape and, if you find that your wires a little long just cut off the extra that overlaps so once you’ve done that you should have two triangle little wire kitten ears and you’re just going to bend the bottom line to be more rounded so it matches the curve of the headband and once you’re done that it’s simple you just take your super glue and glue the ears to the headband done and just hold them in place for a little bit couple seconds please be careful this is super glue you could stick your fingers together so don’t do that careful. But, if you do. Because we may or may not have gotten super suits on some things you just use nail polish remover and it will come right off so good tips to have add so then next you are going to take your rhinestones you can skip this step, if you want.

But I actually like them ten times more with the rhinestones I like giving some more like yeah, if you didn’t go for like a really simple look it does look like about so you’re going to take your small rhinestones, and we actually planned out on our stencil that we do earlier where we might want to put the rhinestones. Because you could want to do like 10 or you could only want to do three it’s up to you how glitter eyes you want to be and once you do this super glue is permanent so plan it out first the easiest start is one at the top and then one on each bottom corner and then you can fill in the gaps from there. So we did two in the middle just helps you to get it evenly based on the triangle so after you planned out where they are going to go just take your superglue and put it on to the headband instead of on to the rhinestone so put your scoop of glue onto the headband where you would like it to go and then just drop your rhinestone on you can kind of press it down. But after that as long as you don’t touch it it’s going to dry by itself.

So you guys both ears. And I think you’ve got it took us about less than two minutes I would say it’s not hard to do and they do look really cute, when you’re dad yeah I like them more than I thought I would come on I don’t want to wear them out now yeah I think you should wear them to school today yeah. So we also did the black version yeah we think this would look great and like a bronze or brown metallic colors definitely came around here it’s not new by any means. But Taylor Taylor kind of made it cool back to North America I’d say and.

So you have star fashion trying to be bold don’t be afraid to wear them out you can definitely wear them to yours Taylor Swift concerts, if I any think you’re going jealous you are yeah thanks so much for reading guys I hope you enjoyed the post I mean, if you liked it make sure to like it tweet us pictures at that bad girls, if you did try out this DIY and we’ll see you guys next week bye.

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