Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teen Bedroom Ideas

We’re here in st. Louis Missouri to help Annie she’s outgrown her tiny outdated bedroom we’ve got, to find some affordable functional solutions. And take this space from child bedroom to teen Haven this is IKEA home door. So Annie, we’re in your space right now, I know it’s tiny. And I know you absolutely love your pink walls isn’t that right yeah, I love pink she’s not loving the pink what else is going on though, I saw your bed looks a little small for you yes it is my feet hangover, I see you have a desk over here what’s happening with this it’s a giant mess, I have no organization, I can only store my makeup in there. So now that we’ve created a shopping list using the IKEA store app let’s head down to the store. And pick everything up okay. So Annie you helped us through most the makeover we had some good times had some good laughs we catch you out at the end. Because we wanted to be a big surprise for you are you ready to see it absolutely let’s do it oh this is.

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So cute my photos oh my god the dresser turned out really well oh, I am here, I have a mirror this is. So cool Annie you have a bed that fits you now yes in a huge isn’t that cool yes. So you needed a comfortable mattress we gave you the haggis on mattress it has individually wrapped pocket. And it has a year warranty it’s super comfortable. And then we paired it up with the Hemnes bed here it’s solid wood. So it’s really durable. And it has that timeless look that goes well with. So many different styles. And then to add some interest on your wall we just took fabric by the yard. And wrapped it around canvas stretchers. And stapled it. So it’s super easy project when you go to college you can take it with you change out the fabric if you want you needed a little bit more storage in your room right.

So we took the Tarver dresser from Ikea solid wood. And using some extra paint that was just lying around we were able to paint this awesome Union Jack pattern on here, I know you helped Robin with that super fun project. And now it’s a one-of-a-kind piece just like we gave you this awesome skub under bed organizer now you can keep all your out-of-season clothes in there we gave you a room for your extra bags from your closet you can just tuck it underneath when you’re done. And then we give you this beauty slash makeup cart organizer this is called the raskov. And the coolest thing about this piece is you can actually wheel it to different parts of your room. So if you want to bring it over to your full-length mirror when you’re getting ready it’ll just make it really easy to have all that stuff accessible. And now it’s not just shove in a drawer where it’s hard to get to everything these are all pieces that you can take with you to college the bed comes apart really easily. And you won’t have to buy a bunch of new stuff when you’re going there that helps a lot, I feel. So comfortable relaxed. And everything is. So much put together. And pulled together. And lots of moves everywhere it’s better than, I could ever even imagine it’s amazing hey guys thanks. So much for reading our post don’t forget to share my post this week visit all to our series comm keep tackling those design challenges by now.

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