Hi for the scigirls, and we are here today it’s do the ultimate glue gun off. Because we’ve had like major glue gun and shoes we’ve gone through so many glue guns in our lifetime, and we haven’t found a great one and that’s been a problem since we DIY with one almost every day decided to just go out and buy glue guns from like all different places in all different kinds and brands and the figure out which one’s the best we’re gonna put four glue guns I’ve got here some online some in-store through a series of tech we’re gonna be rating them on not really the price we’re just gonna like take that in consideration. But that’s not going to be like part of the score system we are gonna be raiding it on how long it took to heat up how easily it is to squeeze the glue sticks through the glue gun.

Because we’ve had some glue guns where it doesn’t grip the glue stick and that is terrible the point also dry time, if you guys remember the hot glue gun challenge that we did it took that forever to dry the way you hot glue guns work is that you want it to dry grass you can keep moving go quickly and the other thing we’re gonna be testing is the flow of the glue, when it comes out. Because we’ve had it where we’re trying to maybe draw something and put some glitter on it and, if it comes out I’ll chunky-monkey like that’s not good and lastly cord management. Because sometimes gonna be super annoying to use a glue gun and it’s like dragging through your project and it’s so cumbersome so, if it’s has a long court or an easy-to-use court or no cord then it’s gonna get a lot of points okay. So we’re gonna go and go through all four of these put them through the test and then see, if we have a winner by the end this is gonna be interesting guys trust me I feel like I’m like this sounds like the most boring thing.


But yeah yeah why you’re like yes I need this in my life like any sporting event ever, if you’re not into it it’s boring, if you’re into it it’s like all right chip scothorne let’s go first up we have this Mastercraft glue gun that we got from our local hardware store type thing Canadian Tire, if you guys are Canadian this guy was $13 Canadian and it took about a minute and a half to heat up and it’s ready to be put through the test first up we have the squeezed ability test Wow mmm kind of loose in here I’m probably only gonna give that about a three on a squeeze ability test okay there’s like why is there like smoke okay glue gun you’re not a real gun next up is dry time. So we’re gonna squeeze a little a little bit and see how long it takes to dry the fact that this one is steaming makes me think that it’s not gonna dry that quickly still wet. But get in there come on I’m having some major flashbacks to her glue gun challenge that was the worst yeah that’s what that was that’s nice that’s dry stuff timer next up is the flow test we should have drawn like an obstacle course that we could try to do you can get like pretty spin, if you want you can get really sick, if you want oh give that about a three I’m not like blown away. But hey your point I’ll go two for four in the flow and one of our last tests is cord management honestly this is a really long cord it’s plugged into our extension cord here.

But okay to use maybe I’ll give it a three I’m not blown away by any of the cord. But it’s not like crazy short or anything let’s see how its holds up to the other one. So we have this guy here which is the fanciest glue gun I’ve seen my whole life it’s a cordless glue gun which is honestly I think gonna be a huge game-changer. Because I’m always fighting with glue gun cords and it’s like the worst thing ever so this is absolutely incredible this came from Amazon and it’s by the brand sure bonder and it was $27 which is a little steep for a glue gun.

But I don’t know man, if it’s amazing it’s probably worth it. So we plugged this in and got it heating up on the little stand and it took about 2 minutes and 10 seconds to heat up which I guess is pretty average for a glue gun okay so first thing up is squeeze ability it squeezes out really really well it I guess what I’m trying to say is it comes out fast cuz it squeezes so well. And I’m already out of glue it’s a good thing bad thing it squeezes so well it uses up glue really quickly that was pretty good so I’m gonna give it like a pie okay next up is dry time I am probably gonna need to reload this guy to test that one the only I guess downfall to this maybe is that you need their really fat glue sticks for it. But, if it is the only glue gun that we end up using then really that’s fine.

But, if you want to use a bunch of different ones and it’s kind of annoying you ready behind the camera with the timer okay not quite. But getting there hey yeah it’s dry yeah my timer assistant is slacking over me yeah that’s also bad it’s also bad we’ll put that on the list and then we’ll evaluate, when we’re done the next test is Flo which is how nicely it comes out of the tip okay alright alright I know it’s just blue and it’s just for DIYs minds out of the gutter people I’m getting attacked by glue gun strings here so let’s see how nicely this comes out not so good it’s trying to do like a bigger hoping flow see, if it’s easier honestly no it’s not good it’s like clumpy and not easy to get like a good straight line. So I don’t know I’m gonna give this like a 2 and flow then the last test which we obviously know has to get 5 stars right away is cord management really there’s no cords to deal with which is great I love it I love it no cords that’s great ok I really like that one probably. Because it’s cordless and it’s just like the future of Lu guns that got pretty high scores so we’ll have to see how the rest of them match up next up we have this blue gun that we’ve been using for a very long time, and we do not know why this one was six dollars from Michaels and we’re gonna put it through the test although we already have it feel like it’s gonna come in last every time this one took six minutes to heat up which i think is one of the longest ones oh my god not okay this is not okay squeeze ability this should be like sliding you know it’s just like carrying the glue stick oh there you go now it’s sliding it’s having a good day today whatever I still hate this glue gun so I’m gonna give it a two to one squeeze ability dry time I’ll test that yeah start the timer Becky Bob let me try to tell the string is going uh just about there it’s not quite hard dry it’s not quite dry dry enough so this might be one of the faster dry ones.

But it doesn’t get us hot so let me try out the flow I feel like this one’s like a pretty big nozzle I mean you can get pretty soon pretty sick. But it’s really hard to squeeze it it’s hard to get a good flow, when it’s like really stiff you know I’m gonna give it a two for flow cord management um I feel like this is one of the shorter cords and the fact that it even has a cord means that it’s not good so let’s give this a 2 for the cord I measured it it is shorter oh the buzzer I think it’s my Amazon purchase I did not buy Marvel guns all right well it works like for six dollars the fact that even like kind of pumps glue is impressive. But I would not recommend this one like the whole reason we’re doing this test is. Because we owned this one it was so crappy we’re like let’s find the best one we also have these so many good guns we don’t know like where we got these and they’re old like hand-me-down one.

So we didn’t include them okay next okay next up we have this guy and he was from Amazon it was kind of a random purchase it was like not very clear, if it was good or not it was by some random company called Pat tech pot tech I’ve never heard of them before and it was $18. But it actually came with a bunch of glue sticks in the box. So you get more value for your money which is good, and we plugged it in and it honestly took like a minute to heat up so little random Amazon purchase is off to a really good start so let’s put him through the test so first let’s do squeeze ability it comes out pretty well it’s just very like yeah you know what it works it works I was gonna complain about something. But really it works so I’d say uh four stars next we’re gonna see the dry time on this one since it heat it up so quick I don’t know what that means for how quickly it’s gonna dry.

But we’re gonna find out okay ready with the timer okay let’s check dry time oh whoa it’s dry two minutes and 15 seconds that’s pretty good pretty good dang next let’s do flow yeah that’s pretty good oh no oh no that’s not so good came off so that’s not great. But you know what it’s still really good I like it a lot alright we’re giving flow that’s ours and then last thing is cord management he is not a really long. But not a really short the one thing I like though is that the cord here has this little like protect did bit that kind of makes it turn easier. And I think these things make your cord last longer that they don’t get broken or damaged as easily which is great it might last a little bit longer and something else I want to mention it doesn’t really relate to the court at all.

But it has an on and off switch which is so good. Because we are are always like unplugging and re-plugging in our glue gun which I feel isn’t great this is so handy so I’m gonna give cord like I don’t know like four guys four good. So that was pretty good we had some good ones earlier that’s an awful good ones so let’s tally up everything and see how they compare nailed it flute it I’m so happy that we did that. Because honestly our glue gun struggle we just how long have we been doing this before baby I don’t know it’s one of those things that’s like so annoying.

But not knowing enough that you do something about it until now we did something about it, and we have some winners here folks so what we ended up doing was taking those totals that we figured out and then also gave totals to like the amount of time we ordered them by how long it took to heat up and how long it took to dry anyways in last place we have this guy it was a total of 10 points this is our cheap Michaels one which literally 500 uh came in next this guy our little Canadian Tire buddy here got a total of 14 points not terrible. But not amazing so our runner-up is not that one big mumbo jumbo hot glue gun buddy which honestly is pretty good. Because it is cordless. But it just couldn’t do everything that our winner could do he got a total of 16 points so we’ll probably hold on until this one just have it and it’s good I think there’s like bigger projects.

But it was like, if you try to do anything really small, if you’re trying to be like putting little feathers on or something like that then you need this guy, and we came in first place also in Amazon purchase so we’ll link both of these below this one got a total 21 points that mean was my biggest surprise cuz we bought this one really on a whim and okay guys we want to have a category of cuteness. But this is like not a thing, when it comes to loke Becky. And I want to start a booth online that works well and is – I literally search like pink glue gun like light blue glue gun like cute colored glue guns it’s hard man struggle is real all right thank you so much for reading this post, if you have a glue gun that you like raid by I feel like not a lot of people do, if you do, if you do let us know code also check it out one of our other most requested posts is a DIY tool kit and essentials post, and we were holding off until we found our holy grail hot glue gun which now I think we have it and, if you love it make sure you sub it I don’t know, if that works you you.

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