Hi everyone my name is Abby yeah where they Sorry Sorry Sorry so this is Nikki a fellow Canadian rs what is home quickly about what you do sure I have Q blogs here on I have the fancy hair tutorials blog where I do a bunch of hair tutorials hair has DIYs and all of that good stuff.

And I have another blog called Nikki Skye it is where I do a ton of makeup tutorials beauty and other DIYs as well any guys might be wondering why we look so friggin fabulous right now with our long lost smell guys and Nikki hooked us up with some fancy hair a hair extension as well as these gorgeous looks oh these looks are over on her blog. But first you can watch this post where we make these accessories oh yeah oh yeah alright should we show you how we made these yeah let’s do it do it so first accessory is going to be Becky’s bridal veil. And I’m going to show you how to make that right now make this super easy clip in Vail gather some faux flowers a hair clip and about two meters of tulle or however long you’d like your veil to be with the tool fold it in half lay it out on a flat table. But the needle and thread so long loose stitches down the side pull the string tight to gather the skills together and then not the string try to make this gather about as wide as your hair clip cut off any extra tool that you don’t need pause glue the gathered end of the tool onto the hair clip now you can add on soul flowers or any other decorative elements that you’d like we place our flowers in a symmetrical pattern spreading from the center outward with the gold paint Henry dodged some accents onto our flowers to make them a little fancier so this bad girls put me to the test today and mainly create this beautiful floral headband that I’m putting impressed by I think it turned out really good.


And I’m going to show you how to make it right now to make this floral headband and using a mix of ribbon rope and full flowers make sure your ribbon pieces are long enough that you can wrap them around the top of your head and at the ends reach a few inches past the ends of your hair using a hot glue gun attach the ribbon and the rope together at various points to keep them together we also wrap some darker rope a few inches from the ends and knotted it in place to give it that boho vibe now time for the flowers use a glue gun to glue the flowers and clusters along the ribbon make sure to concentrate the nicest and largest flowers in the center since these are the ones that will be the most visible we also found that mixing larger and smaller flowers it gave a headband a more realistic vibe after you’ve glued your flowers allow the glue to dry completely and then you’re ready to style it and lastly I’m going to show you.

How I made Nikki’s beautiful golden and grecian-inspired head genes to make this gold plural head chain we’re starting with some polymer clay and two gold hair combs roll the polymer clay into two strips each about as long as the hair combs this will be the base of our floral vine next flatten out a large smooth piece of clay it was an exacto knife carve out some leaves peel back the extra clay to separate the leaves repeat this to make as many leaves as you’d like we did five leaves per side plus one on top press the leaves into the clay stem with the exacto knife we added in some details to delete and stem since our combs have a slight curve to them we molded some rounded shapes out of tinfoil for our clay vines to fit on this make sure that your clay will fit nicely against the combs once it is hardened place the clay on a baking sheet and bake according to the directions on the package once the vines have finished baking we painted them with some gold paint once that’s dry use hot glue to attach the vines to the cone as a last step cut two pieces of gold chain we gave our teen enough slack to fit nicely around a hair bun I’ll clear the ends of the chain to the bottom of each hair comb this floral head chain is super easy to style simply slide one hair coat onto one side of your head and then repeat on the other side thank you guys so much for reading I hope you guys like the three tutorials that we did and you did an amazing job and, if you want to see these hairstyles enacted the full tutorial make sure you head on over to make a blog. So you did for total yes I did for Pinterest inspired boho Bridal hairstyle. But they’re super easy to do and, if you do work clip-in hair extensions are interested in getting clip in hair extensions i show you a whole shebang how to clip them in how to style them and everything make sure you guys comment while you’re over there and, if you guys are from my blog please show the bad girl some love please like this post, if you want to be more like this and make sure to comment. Because there are me oh thanks so much for joining us today guys, if you like make sure you like it, if you loves make sure you something okay next and.

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