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Welcome everyone to my blog this is my first post of posting I love home decor I love staging for friends for family for entertaining I love elegant glamour as you can see I’ve seen so many beautiful posts of people posting on their Thanksgiving table scape.

And I wanted to show you guys how I style my own table I hope this helps anyone give to anybody ideas and inspiration and that’s my pleasure to show you guys how my table scape came along alright let’s get started this wine glass is from home goods it’s $4.99 beautiful studs on the bottom I’ve seen the exact Z Gallerie. But I know they’re much more. So I love my home goods for that have better price those coasters as well are from home goods these napkins I purchased at home goods they came in a pack of 12 for $19.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Homegoods Pier gallerie Decor Photo Gallery

99 the napkin rings as well came from home goods love my home goods food there were six for $12.99 the plates were in a pack of four for 1699 each the silverware as well is from home goods let me show you one of my favorite favorite pieces from this table this table Mac isn’t this gorgeous, when I saw this I thought a treasure at home guys I was on the hunt for 12 of these so how’d it go to four different home goods to find them and they were each $7.99 you guys $7.99 see Gallery has four of these front of like 120 something.

So I just I was so blessed to find these this beautiful table runner is from Pier one they’re actually two connected to one that I made. Because my table is a bit large seats 12. So I need a long table map table runner number 49.99 each in this beautiful pumpkin I know you many of you recognize this from Z Gallerie I have been I’m I on these and finally deciding to purchase it it was on sale hmm I got the little one as well this beautiful piece right here is a come to LeBron this is from home goods as well I bought this for 180 and this beautiful clock behind it is from Kirkland’s I purchased this a couple of years back you came in black with a mirror.

But I painted it to match my or danique table just came beautiful and now I’m going to show you my mirror it purchased this gem this treasure at HomeGoods you guys this is the mirror of my dreams I’ve always envisioned having a grand Mayer beautiful and just look at the detail on this beautiful beautiful this is from home goods this one was 799 worth every penny so this is it you guys thank you so much for reading it’s been my pleasure to post this post. So you all could see my Thanksgiving table scape please let me know, if you like this post by giving it a thumbs up comment below which item was your favorite what you thought about it, if you liked it and let me know, if you want to see more posts of home decor coming up this is my first post ever posting so I’m very excited to share with you. Because I just I love home decor please comment to my blog is LG queen home decor thank you so much you guys for reading have a blessed beautiful Thanksgiving bye.

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