The 10 Best Bathroom Design Ideas

The 10 Best Bathroom Design Ideas
The Formica Challenge
A woman wrote to ask me what she could do to update her bathroom that was covered with ugly Formica. She wanted to avoid a major renovation job. The first year she wallpapered over the Formica walls, but it didn’t adhere well enough. If you have the same problem, the following will do the trick. Note: This project must be done on a dry day.
Use exterior house paint (we used stark white) and apply it over the Formica or wallpaper. This is an oil-base paint and must be left to dry for several days. Next use a glossy oil paint in a shade slightly darker than the base coat (we used linen white) and a natural sponge to soften the entire painted surface with a textured sponging. To do this, wear rubber gloves and plan to throw away the sponge and gloves when finished.
Once this is dry, sponge over the surface with a light gray paint in order to add a little color while softening and blending the textured sponging. Leave this to dry thoroughly. The end results will be stunning and best of all there will be no trace of the ugly and dated Formica bathroom underneath it all.

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