The 10 Best Home Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The 10 Best Home Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Draw a line along the series of folds to form a clean curve and cut along the line. Place the template on the tile, glazed side up. Mark the curve on the tile and carefully score along the line with a firm, even stroke.

Place the tile in a vice and cut along the curve using a tile saw. Smooth the edge with a tile file and smear extra adhesive across the back of the tile before fixing to the wall.

For smaller pipes, hold the tile next to the pipe and mark the pipe’s exact position on the top and side of the tile. Draw intersecting lines on the tile. Where the lines meet, draw a small circle slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe. Cut the tile in two along the vertical line; score the curve and cut away the tile in the centre of the circle using a tile nibbler. Stick the two pieces of tile on either side of the pipe. To fit tiles Tiling large areas in one colour is an extremely effective method of creating a feeling of spaciousness. In this instance, around a light switch, hold the tile up against beige tiles, relieved with grey details, are co-ordinated with chrome fittings and accessories to create a chic yet functional the fixture and mark the position for the bathroom which makes the most of its natural light.

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