The 10 Best Shelving Design Ideas

The 10 Best Shelving Design Ideas
Open shelving is often regarded as the cheap and cheerful answer to every storage need and there are plenty of times when it cannot be improved upon, especially if you want to be able to display objects, or have them instantly to hand. It can be much the best solution if you are on a tight budget, but it needs to be designed as carefully as any other form of storage.
It is also a good choice when you want your storage to be as unobtrusive as possible. Slim glass shelves or solid shelves that are
In an open-plan apartment, it is essential to keep clutter under control, and create private areas without carving space up insensitively. Well-planned storage can help to do all this and a great deal more; here, steps double as drawers, and postcases act as a screen to section off a raised sleeping space coloured to match their surroundings focus your attention on the displayed objects. A freestanding shelving unit makes a great room divider as it helps to enclose a space while offering you glimpses of what lies beyond.
Open wall shelving can be fixed by a number of methods: fixed brackets, which are available in a wide range of styles and materials; adjustable brackets that slot into tracks screwed to the wall; and cantilever strips which hold the shelf along its entire back edge in a U-shaped channel. It is often recommended that brackets are placed some W’ay in from the ends of the shelf, to distribute the load more evenly, and that the front of the shelf should project no more than 2.5cm (lin) beyond the end of the bracket.

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