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My favourite room is… usually the one I’ve decorated most recently. I like to update the home regularly, keeping all my favourite pieces but introducing a new look by tweaking, moving and repainting. So, right now I love our dining/ sitting room. The thing I like the most about my house is… that it’s a lovely detached late Victorian house on a hill with fabulous views over the the town and countryside beyond. When house-hunting we sat tight and waited for a house on this street and specifically this side of the street as we knew it had the most glorious view. The house has character and a style which fits very well with the work that I do.

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I wish I had invented the… G Plan 6250 chair, which was marketed in the ’60s as the world’s most comfortable chair. The swivel and rock mechanism is such a clever design and it is just so comfy. It achieved fame as Blofeld’s chair in the Bond film You Only Live Twice. The place I love most in Britain is… I love Brighton and Ilfracombe but can I go a little further please? Dublin is my home town, so that is where I usually go when I’ve got a few free days – a city that is vibrant and interesting but also small enough to be able to easily get to seaside, mountains or countryside is just about perfect, I think! And most importantly, I get to see my family there.

When designing a product I always… begin by thinking about the story it will tell. A lot of my work is made to order so it’s important to start with a conversation with the client so that the chair can reflect their lives and sit perfectly in their home. It will often include treasured fabrics or fabrics which evoke memories – we go to great lengths to make every chair really special and meaningful.

The worst design disaster I’ve ever had was… when working on my own pieces there is never room for a disaster of any sort! I’m so fussy that if I’m not 100% happy with every piece of fabric and how it’s placed I will re-do it. It’s got to be perfect. But I do like to try things out in my own home, so I look on it as experimenting rather than a disaster.

If I could make over anyone’s house it would be… mine! I’m so busy with work that I haven’t had time to do the major project which we’d planned for our house when we originally moved in. In the meantime, lots of minor projects are fun.

The current interiors trend I love the most is… I love that people are appreciating old family pieces of furniture and incorporating a mix of styles and eras in their homes with pattern and splashes of colour. I work on a lot of chairs, which usually start out in a pretty sad state and we transform them to newfound splendour. Over the years an increasing number of our customers are asking us to work on their own family pieces using lots of exciting mixes of colour and pattern.

I think the next interiors trend will be… I’m sure that people will start to buy antique brown furniture again. Old Victorian pieces, for example, are of such beautiful quality and fit really well in the dark interiors which are now so popular.

The best advice I ever had was… yes, of course you can do it! Over the years, my husband has repeated this so many times that I think he doesn’t need to say it any more.

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