The Guide To Through Some Of The Best Beds For Autumn And Beyond

While many of us may not look forward to the shorter days and longer nights of autumn, there is definitely a silver lining when it comes to getting some shut-eye. Now that the hot, bright days of summer are over, curling up in a warm, cosy bed with a soft duvet has never seemed quite so appealing.

The Guide To Through Some Of The Best Beds For Autumn And Beyond Photo Gallery


If you’ve decided to reassess your bed and you’re wondering which style to choose, it can be helpful to know that looks and practicality can go hand in hand. Divan beds are a popular choice, as they provide extra storage in addition to a place to sleep. These beds come in two varieties; platform, which have a firmer base to provide more support, and sprung edge, which come with a layer of springs built into the frame and offer a softer sleep experience. Which you decide upon is entirely down to personal preference, but the thing that is important is to try your new bed before you buy. If you are sharing the bed with a partner, it is best if they are also there to test the bed before it is purchased.

In terms of appearance, bed frames are also an option as they offer a much broader range of choice of materials. While you won’t necessarily have the storage a divan can offer, you will be able to choose from wood, metal and upholstered bed frames, some of which are even adjustable. As with divans, these bed frames can offer many different levels of support, with either solid or sprung slats spaced at varying widths. The closer the slats are together, the firmer the support.


While comfort is the most important factor in choosing a bed, there’s no reason not to embrace the latest trends as well. International style is a firm favourite for the year ahead, so accessorising with colourful blankets and throws will really help to brighten up your bedroom scheme. Soothing colours such as rich teal and peacock hues are also in vogue, and can be accented with gold highlights for a touch of opulence. Finally, luxury is a must and Jonathan Warren, director at bed and sleep specialist Time4Sleep, thinks that we should be adding plenty of it to our homes this year. He says: “Autumn is all about feeling cosy in your home. Opt for a plush, upholstered headboard to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom and team this with an excellent quality mattress.”

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