Hey guys we’re on a bed this time haha. So we’re really interested in out in The Hunger Games it’s booked here I heard of it well it’s a series it’s a trilogy I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

But, if you haven’t read it this is pneumatic tube nice red cover the movies on the first book. But read them all so Katniss Everdeen is our main character in the book protagonist oh yeah. So I know a lot of people are interested in her costume and what she’s wearing. But we have two problems with that first of all the movie thought out the book doesn’t really give you a great description, when it’s a book everyone can like interpret it their own way so so you’re like that’s what she looks like and it’s like that’s what she looks like.


Because that’s what I pictured um that’s the first problem and second problem is her questions are pretty ugly so the first look we did was what we called the hunter look. Because it’s a book she’s wearing the beginning of the story, when she’s just out hunting with Gale and such so it consists of a leather jacket which would be her dad’s hunter jacket. But obviously you don’t want this baggy ugly jacket so me chose like a really nice kind of stylized leather jacket and she has her big old honking boots um like high knee high riding boots in like a brown or black whatever you have yep and then we seemed that she liked to wear a lot of earth tones and dark colors. So we just paired it with some like dark grey leggings or black and um a forest green that forest green like long sleeve dress nice thing which makes it a little bit feminine.

So you can actually wear this to school, when I’m pretty sure you don’t want to wear what she actually wears in the movie a little awkward and then you can just tie your hair and a braid samatha Katniss breathe yeah Katniss braid and, if your hair is not that long then just grab some bobby pins yeah that’s I had to do I like layers like poking out. And I was like get a bobby pin yeah second look the second look is the luck where she’s in the Mohammad in The Hunger Games in the rain fighting. And I don’t know exactly what she looks like. But I’ve seen from the trailer she wears a lot of black things so what we did was we took a black leather jacket and the one that I got I got from forever 21 and it came with these kind of gold accents which goes nicely with the UM mockingjay pin and we’re gonna make a post on how to make that and then I paired that with a plain black v-neck just a cotton one and on the bottom half I wore some dark olive cargo cargo that’s the word I was some dark olive green cargo pants I’m not sure some pictures look like she’s wearing black pants some was like a cargo.

But I don’t know I didn’t want to go all black. Because I was too much you know Ninja know she wishes and then I also paired that with some black like military style like this yeah which it looks like she’s wearing that and that’d be so good, if you’re running around the forest like I don’t know and you can always of course like just wear it with jeans maybe you’re not into such a tough look and you can always tone it down by taking away one of the things like not or no jacket or not wearing the cargo pants or wearing a bright pink shirt or different shoes yeah options are options without what you can still feel your inner cuts coming up yeah and then, if your hair is long enough or you don’t want to tie it in a braid a little twist on it would be just French braid your bangs. So that way you’re still incorporating the braid look. But it’s like yeah so those are our looks for kind of everdene her hunter look and her Hunger Games look we hope you guys enjoyed them and, if you haven’t seen the books check them out I know this is all gibberish, if you haven’t seen them and you’re probably still not reading yeah um, if you want any more posts on anything hunger games just let us know we’d love to do it.

Because I’m obsessed mm-hmm it’s good I know so excited for the movie okay thanks for reading guys also we always kid you yes so also we had this little post in contest, if you guys have met Harley or Hedgehog he’s cute we made a little post the last one we did was a little contest post, if you didn’t understand it don’t worry you know the only one it was a thing for our school we came in second just won’t let you know yeah became a second so thanks for all you guys who watched it and enjoyed it so thank you guys for subscribing we’re almost at 500 it’s big yeah well it’s been great ok bye guys.

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