Hi everyone my name is Abby and we’re thus our girls today we’re gonna show you how to DIY your own ladder and ways to style it yes we were inspired to make this post. Because we have a space above our washroom that we can put stuff. But we don’t have a ladder to get up there so this is currently how we have to do it, if you want to get up there to take anything down and put everything back up it’s quite a mission it involves putting a piece of board on a stove and then it’s step water on that board and then a chair in front of that to get up there and it’s just super super dangerous yeah then you may have also seen us trying to attempt this on our post blog which by the way we do a post blog, if you haven’t commentd to it please go check it out we are almost at 100k yeah right ok so let’s jump in on to how to make your own ladder so the first thing you want to do is go to your hardware store and gather a bunch of supplies you’re gonna grab two pieces of two by threes that are eight feet long and also two wooden dowels that are one inch and make sure that the four feet long each so lay out your two pieces of wood that are eight feet long and go ahead and Mark a point eighteen inches up and then after that consecutively Mark out points that are another 12 inches long do that five times and you should be left over with another piece that is 18 inches so it’s eighteen twelve twelve twelve twelve twelve eighteen a little X that’s right in the middle of the key yeah exactly.

Because this is where we’re gonna be putting our ladder rungs ooh a nice word Thanks so next take your dowels and cut them to 16 inches long you can do this with an electric saw or with a handsaw. But like why would you use that, if you haven’t want to talk. But also, if you don’t this is super easy to do. Because it’s only an inch thick.


So you can totally do it yourself and you’re gonna want six pieces of these dowels, when you’re done so the next step is to take a one-inch sized wood drill bit and drill halfway down through the wood into the points that we made on to our planks yeah we knew how far we are drilling just by marking a piece of tape on the drill bit and then you just know how far that you’re going and then it’s equal on each every single one yep so what’s the tape is flush with the woods stop drilling next sand everything down so your two planks and all your wooden dowels you can use an electric sander or a hand sander make sure everything is nice and smooth and now we can go ahead and assemble it. So we went and use some regular wood glue put it in all the holes stuff the dowels in and then take your second long piece sandwich that on top and press it tight you want to make sure this ladder is super tight together so it doesn’t come apart, when you’re actually using it later mm-hmm and then we just added some pieces of tape to make sure that it stays like that, when we just let it dry, and we use a really quick wood glue so it dried really quickly make sure you’re taping it together on a flat surface. So that your ladder doesn’t end up wonky and now since we actually need to use this ladder for climbing purposes we went ahead and added some long nails into the sides where the dowels are to add some extra security now obviously this ladder isn’t safety rated we’re just gonna go ahead and use it. But I can’t really recommend you guys still use this ladder for climbing reasons, if you actually need a ladder to climb just by ladder yeah we wanted to go with be like esthetic only using it in that one spot we’re not like using this to hang up Christmas lights or anything though um.

But yeah safety first guys we are not officially recommending this climb on. But it’s very sadly pleasing yeah. But, if you do want to use this for style purposes we 100 100% recommend that you do DIY it. Because we love to you and you should be I write to and probably don’t even need the nails know just skip that step, if you just want to use it for decor so moving on to ways you can style with a ladder we have so many tips to share with you you have also might remember that we did make a blanket ladder previously we’ll link that post above and below.

But there’s another option on how to meet one, if you want to make this style as well. So we’re gonna be using both these ladders to show you different ways to style so the first and most obvious way that you might have seen to use a ladder is to use it as a blanket ladder so just take all your various blankets drape them on the different ladder rungs for quick access to coziness in your kitchen you can try growing your own herb garden we got this hanging planter for my kid we’ll definitely link it below you just put that on the letter and it’s like ready to go ready to pick also in your kitchen you can try hanging your pots on a ladder so you’ll need to get these super handy dandy s hooks we use these for everything they’re absolutely amazing we’ll link them below. But just put the S hooks on the different ladder rungs and then add your pots and that actually helps with a lot of storage solutions. Because closet a cup so much room in my cupboards I hate it it’s true and guess what it’s really yeah it’s really cute in the bathroom you can use these hanging pots as different storage for your toothbrushes hairbrushes whatever and you can also use the ladder as a towel rack yeah kind of perfect so, if you have a dark space in your house or in your living room you can string these cord lights around the ladder and add some Edison bulbs it gives a lofty feel and it’s a great way to hang weight so they actually having to worry about hanging light love plans we can use those amazing s hooks again to hang some trailing plants from your ladders a super practical way to use your ladder is to use it as a drying rack for your wet laundry or you can use it as an alternative to a closet, if you want to style some of your favorite pieces on a ladder in a bedroom it looks amazing I know we put this ladder upstairs.

And I was just like I know need a ladder for no reason it means no for a good reason for good reason laundry lastly you can add sea hooks onto your ladder to hang your photos on make sure you add the sea hooks into your frames as well these ones are super cheap from the thrift store who painted them white and looking chic and you guys want more photo frame inspiration what to put in them make sure you guys are commentd. Because next week’s post is gonna help you out a ton yes alright thank you guys so much for reading this post I hope you learned some things we’re trying to do a little bit more like tip based stuff yeah, if you learned something new let me know below yes and make sure you guys check out that post blog we are really having fun with it yeah, and we want to know what you guys think and, if you’re commentd I know like a decent honorable you are. But we want you out there – yeah, and we have lots of exciting content plan and coming in this blog so make sure you comment, if you aren’t already ok thank you guys for reading you liked it make sure you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you sub it I don’t see you guys bye like bladder oh I just I said this wait is that look how cute it looks.

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