The Perfect Little Houses – Home Tour

I build another build another cottage home okay inside the perfect little house it’s a kind of vacation home that heritage ever just completed I’ll take you through this one and hopefully I can get into the one next door Tammy’s coming over she’s gonna kind of give us a little overview on the homes so I’ll ask everyone that one two very excited to see these so I’ll set up take photos and wait for her to get good hi Sean’s welcome to our latest cottage again we’re pretty proud of these perfect little cottages.

Because they actually take vacation living to a new level not huge spaces. But the spaces that you have are effectively used and so you’re gonna find that this cottage has a lot of upgrades of good the long teller windows stainless steel appliances granite countertops and then there’s this really great surprise once you get upstairs so once again it’s all about people finding a place that they can gather and this one happens to back right up to a swimming pool so you’ve got the best of both grow remember we talked about efficient spaces well right at the top of your stairs up by your bedrooms and bathrooms you can put your stackable washer and dryer. Because we all have guests I’m taking you into the second bedroom and the second bedroom leads you to this spacious lot and as you can see the loft has bolted ceilings its own skylight and it’s equipped with all of its own power and cables so the kids can have their own flavor them up there as well and here’s the master bedroom that opens up to its own private desk that has a beautiful view of the pond and pool once again okay they have the paper down to protect the floor. But you’ll get the idea this is completely different layout than the other one here’s your living area.

So you want to give people the quality features they’re used to at home. So you have you know the soft close drawers you have the stainless steel appliances large pantry with pullout drawers goes there and a door out to the front porch you can screen that off, if you want back door leads out to the pool porch out there to powder room it’s pretty wide staircase too they do a good job with all the natural light windows splash sunlight everywhere one thing that really makes the upstairs cool is that all of these different ceiling heights add character to the home giving you that old England cottage home feel bedroom number two and the upstairs past I like the beadboard making use of every space you have storage under your stairs I think could make a great wine closet and then you have four foot now you have access down to your four foot cross.

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