Yeah are you sure sighs buzzing I did not see that coming love it Aaron why my name is Abby we had a bad girls and this is for four how’s it going with something that happened he actually helped us build this and this he was in our lockbox episode of you guys remember that and we’re happy to have him back again today so he taught us how to make a die-cut wood shelf wall shelf I guess techno gold so gold and. So we watch them do it, and we kind of think we know how to do it ourselves we’re ready over is not our town today where we do the map of USA yes and we’re going to compete and see how good we do it oh and tell them about how you’re going to judge well I’m actually going to come out and do five criteria judging now the girl they can be judged on safety the finish level of quality the craftsmanship the speed in which you finish the project and to solve it off creativity will be one of the judges I got that one sorry Abby alright should we get into this job rust started let’s rock all right.


So we have our MDF here and our USA cut out this is going to be up on our blog as well as Canada, if you’re interested alright ready I think so challenges on my friends wait we want Rose page it’s already off to UM fair start you go thank you I’m a pencil about it we just had two of them where did a game sabotage I know it was wait every lots of sabotage no our third son states in the US are almost like a perfect rectangle in the middle yeah that’s the one we should have done done what yeah girl I told you I’d win the speed test this girl this girl’s a little bit more of a perfectionist sometimes well I’d rather a nicer shelf, when a woman was ready faster Stacey it needs a little like like reverse vacuum at the front I know I need a vacuum all right see whatever that state is oh it’s part of New York.

I just gave Ontario more land then he’ll know USA get no idea and son now some style I’m pretty much done filing tbh oh I need to reference the map as practice Florida look like okay okay now that not backward oh okay good hello hello hello that’s the right way though this is totally the right way yes are you sure sabotage me no I’m telling you this that’s how mark goes murder card okay USA do you look straight I think so you please be a primary in one painted primer oh no you aim Amerika Amerika getting it straight yeah it is lost all the creativity points. But I thought about the Stars for a hot second. And I was like whoa not cutting that out dad what yeah time’s up Oh you can finish I guess I’m done Oh get work sing come on first get on in here all right reveal our handiwork okay okay Wow we do you good we do yet us a good you did good honestly do for amazingly the two of you have great style great craftsmanship creativity’s their lip sync you know what millennial take Chris let’s do the craftsmanship now I see the solid tank looks pretty good that has some pretty clean lines here I’m I’m going to go rocking ship okay on this side safety I said where did you get your fingers so healthy healthy one can g1k safety that’s good now let’s go for the finish okay overall finish choppy my eyes some shine on there I want to look like did you add that or is it high gloss paint now I want a there’s a couple little small flaws I feel like right now wrinkle in the shelf here this one’s really sweet. But what we find, if we’re going to get picky horizontal lines make it harder for you, if you really add a sec you you’ll see that this shelf doesn’t fall down line shit or this one oh that like it kind of cools from one another.

So we’re oh crap I did not see that coming hey I’ll take it anyway creativity yeah it came in a second here too look the final pathway I’m not even going to bec you the whole time I’m done that’s good it’s awesome and, if I’m not going I’m not by it simple yeah I want that fair enough. But I say riposte winners. Because we made this what I do beginning I was like I don’t think even gonna get done yeah we are so glad that you showed us how to make this and we’re like pretty proud of ourselves, and we hope that you guys try it out make sure you head on over to Chris’s blog for the full tutorial I know we’ve got three experts up here. But you know what anybody can do this by Swit yeah totally alright thank you guys so much for reading this, if you liked it make sure you give it a like, if you loved it make sure that you sub it and, if you go on to Chris blog and comment and walks on post as well okay bye.

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