This is list of five things to do in Toronto at Christmastime it all begins with number five with Toronto’s most popular mall the Eaton Centre it is quite mainstream. But it’s very pleased to shop and check out the huge indoor Christmas tree dawned with Sabarsky ornaments Swarovski swerve our Suzuki swimmers sworsky I can’t say that word number four on our list is skating in you can phillips where it’s completely free, if you got your own skates and it’s right in the middle of the city everyone from the pros to the first-timers come here to enjoy the rink in downtown toronto number three is I would say Canada’s best kept secret the Canadian tea company David’s tea offers free samples of their tea of the day tour me upon a cold Canadian day however this is a new plane.


OTT have so many of you feel ubers and my personal favorites are dulce banana and Oh Canada make sure you stop by to get your free sample and smell all the holiday teas including up help Oh Christmas treat and Santa’s secret the Hudson Bay Company never fails to attract an audience with it’s Christmas windows on Queen Street people of all ages stop to look at the detail Christmas displays this year they are all made by little moving figurines in Custis Christmas Eve this is like our equivalent to the Macy’s Christmas windows and topping on our list to do at Christmastime in Toronto is to check out Lowe’s Christmas market the annual.

Christmas market turns the distillery district into a european-style Christmas market with booths that sell everything from knit items to a hot apple cider to fudge and sausages you can relax by the fire pits enjoyed the beer gardens or some stage entertainment walk the streets and you will hear carols and maybe catch a glimpse of Santa Claus it’s a family tradition that runs the first couple weeks of December that concludes our list of things to do in Toronto at Christmastime we include things that we enjoy to do and that would be easy for last-minute travelers. Because you don’t have to buy ticket and they are pretty much free we would love to hear your ideas on Christmastime in Toronto in the comments below and have a very Merry Christmas from Abby Becky and Hurley where is your name Becky.

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