My name is Elsa and we’re the start girls and happy Christmas whatever you celebrate / happy new years almost all moe moe that’s how we here today guys, if you don’t have New Year’s plans that’s okay you’re not alone first of all and second of all we have some ideas that a little bit unique a little bit different to get you some like kind of interesting plans for new as you yeah now obviously, if you have like a ton of friends and there’s a big group of you like anything you do will be fun on New Year’s Eve.

But these ideas are maybe, if there’s less of your it’s just yourself and you want a really good idea of what to do yeah sometimes like your friends are all like scatterbrains and like somebody’s doing this somebody’s going away and you’re like me I know and someone needs a good ideas to bring everyone together we have those for you so here are some of the ideas that could be you on New Year’s Eve so the first idea is to throw yourself or your friends a paint nite now I know there’s a lot of like bars or venues that throw these. But you could also do it yourself at your home all you need is some paint canvases and a bunch of paint for you and your friends maybe some drinks whatever you guys are into and just go crazy and it doesn’t even matter, if you guys are good at painting or not it’s even funnier, if you’re not above all just go ahead and have a good time painting some stuff I don’t know it might seem like something that you’re not into. But it’s like normally just like cookie decorating I was like I feel like nobody’s gonna want to cookie decorating. But then once everybody just starts and the creativity is flowing you’re obsessed it’s not too late to book a weekend getaway, if you guys haven’t heard of or don’t use Airbnb you should definitely check it out it’s unlike hotels that can get booked up people are putting up their places on Airbnb all the time and you get super personable like places and experiences and it’s just a really good time so check out Airbnb this is also not sponsored.


But check out your baby you’ll get so inspired by all the places I was like these are now my New Year’s plans like obviously legit my coffee private island and you don’t have to go super far away obviously booking a flight is a little bit more difficult. But even like getting out of your place even, if you’re in the same city just like renting a cooler place a cooler loft a little bit bigger place. So you can bring over some friends there’s lots of options check out everybody, if you guys haven’t started using it we all have a code link below I think we get some money off you get some money off it’s a good deal. But yeah book yourself a weekend getaway so something that you might not have been to in a while is your local museum or a science center or whatever you have around you.

But a lot of the times places like these throw events especially on New Year’s Eve and they’re really fun to go to especially, if you haven’t been to them in a while so go check out your local museum or like aquarium or whatever like art gallery thing you’ve got going on they might have a special party night for Newsies also spinning off of that lots of like comedy events or like Broadway or shows put on special things for New Year’s Eve yeah check those out as well usually like your town will have a website and will tell you like events going on that’s a good place to start to really make the night special, if you are doing something in your own place maybe try throwing a dinner party like guys pick out some recipes bake them make them cook them do them put together a really nice dinner like other than holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and everything, when do you do that I mean I don’t personally do that very often maybe you do maybe you’re special and even holidays can be more family. But yeah a friend’s super intense dinner with wine and all of the good things I think that would be really awesome you know it doesn’t have to be a potluck it could be like you take this over and you do all of it and you make it amazing your friends will appreciate you big time I think it makes the whole night a little bit more special rather than just like show up at my house BYOB okay so another fun idea is something that you might have actually seen in a recent post is to throw your spell for your friends a murder mystery party yeah this one takes a little bit of prep work, when you guys saw the murder mystery party on the post blog you guys are asking how to do it and a little walkthrough we’re not gonna do that. But basically I know a lot of you are like what the heck is a murder mystery party basically there’s these that you can buy you can also make your own. But it’s complex.

Because it’s about a story and there’s all these different characters and all your guests will take on a character and then there’s certain things they have to do certain people they have to talk to certain information they’re trying to get and then you get all this information in evidence sometimes somebody dies at the party sometimes somebody dies before the party and you’re trying to figure out who the murderer is and it’s somebody in the room and they don’t even really know until towards the end yeah and in the end you put it in your guesses and you figure out who won yeah it’s not too hard, if you buy one of the kits we can link a website below that has some kids and some printables you basically just print out a whole bunch of cards and then yeah this one works super well with friends. But also, if you don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve and your friends have all deserted you you can have a spa night by yourself honestly just like get super comfortable paint those nails put on a face mask have two covers and apparently this thing eat the cucumber’s. Because that’s even more of a thing and just have a nice relaxing night I feel like we don’t do that enough so wake up to the New Year feeling so refreshed and like glowy best way to start this right here okay movie night. So you could go out to movie I know theater sometimes they’re open New Year’s Eve.

But even more fun, if you feel like staying in is throwing yourself a movie night it’s even more fun, if you get like a giant projector and like a blanket and get all cozy on the floor. But here we’re just using our TV. Because why not you can pop yourself a popcorn get a ton of blankets get cozy with you all your friends and maybe watch a classic movie or one you haven’t seen in a while I love fast food romantic movies what are you doing it’s like New Year’s Eve theme I think there’s a little movie called there is yeah you can watch that one on New Year’s Eve whatever you guys are feeling here into action whatever do that yeah. But I just get together watch a classic movie I feel like you could watch like the special events they’re going on for New Year’s Eve yeah that countdown though yeah that countdown oh no sometimes those are kind of boring unless you catch Mariah Carey like ultimately failing and then it’s like that just made my 2018 I just tuned into like literally like the last 10 minutes and, when they do the countdown and then I’m like a guy yeah time thank you exactly so, if you have not yet gone ice-skating New Year’s Eve could be your opportunity I think it would be very cute romantic oh my god so out of a movie just like even by yourself I mean was last time you went ice-skating for us it was like in this post.

But honestly ice-skating is like I feel like more fun than you remember it to be and it’s just something to get you outside, if the weather is not horrible. And I mean I’ve never done that for New Year’s Eve that’d be pretty cool versus like oh I like went to a club and got drunk um no I like skated under the Sun okay let us know which one of these you would want to be on New Year’s Eve well, if you have any other plans that we didn’t mention let us know below yeah or what you guys are doing for New Year’s Eve I still haven’t fully figured out my new easy plans I know the getaway is like really tempting a couple days. But still let me know below again guys hope you guys have a good holiday I hope you have a good news Eve and safe New Year’s Eve, and we will see you in the new year every time this time of year comes I’m like this 2 years what happened it is so hard you’re like see you next year see you next year, if you guys like this post make sure you give it a like and make my New Year’s by subscribing hmm we’ll see you next time next year I.

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