Three Bedroom Cabin Ideas


Although Josh and Britton were eager to remodel in a way that would invite the outdoors in, they resisted any radical renovation measures. Instead, they opted to tackle the project in two phases.

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Phase one involved unifying the structure by laying down the same engineered hardwood flooring throughout. Over the years, various owners had added on rooms and flooring in a piecemeal fashion, so that by the time Josh and Britton bought it in 2007, it was a “hodgepodge of Frankenstein additions: pine, plywood, cement, Mexican tile,’ says Britton.

Certain rooms required extra attention. In the kitchen, they retrofitted the cabinets with soft-closing drawers and cheery yellow paint, installed new hardware, and purchased a new dishwasher and sink. The master bath was refreshed with new cabinets and countertops, as well as new sinks, faucets, and tiling. The shower was updated with new glass and a teak floor with benches. The owners also added a wall to the upstairs loft and converted it into the master bedroom.

Limited storage space prompted Josh and Britton to design and install cabinets beneath the formerly open stairs. Inspired by traditional Japanese step ransu (staircase chest furniture), the units sport modern drawer mechanisms.

Finally, the couple installed a programmable thermostat. “We used to spend an hour dealing with the woodstove and ashes,” notes Josh. “It was lots of work to just get to the point of being able to relax. Now on chilly days, we call the house to turn on the hirnace before we arrive.

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