A Tiered Home in Los Angeles Hugs a Steep Slope

Exterior, House Building Type, and Flat RoofLine Reinforced concrete was used for the retaining walls and slabs along all grades, while wood framing with steel framing beams were used at cantilevered areas.  

14. Lei vour style bloom.

Although this vintage funeral flower basket has not-so-sunny origins, Rene turned it into a charming centerpiece by tucking in seasonal fare and fashioning a length of twiggy garland into a handle.

A Tiered Home in Los Angeles Hugs a Steep Slope Photo Gallery


15. Slick with it. I love these painted blocks, so I wanted to do something creative with them’Rene notes. She adhered wire skewers to the back of each letter block and inserted them into floral foam cut to fit in the basket.

16. Scatter your though!’. Complementary daisy blocks join a sweet bunny figure to enhance the arrangement. Underneath, a checked runner layered atop burlap provides a one-two punch of texture.

Staircase and Concrete Tread From a spatial perspective, each level has its own unique purpose. 

17. Make a counter offer.

A stepback hutch, a married piece or any other cabinet with a counter or tabletop makes for a top-notch display spot. Here, an old tool caddy hosts a variety of items, including graphic textiles, a metal scoop and a few canning jars.

Outdoor, Vertical Fences, Wall, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, Side Yard, and Horizontal Fences, Wall The house was designed with five yards, and each level has access to a separate deck or yard, so the owners can enjoy indoor/outdoor Californian living.  

18. Get wound up. Rework a plain grapevine wreath into a breath of fresh air by winding daisy-inspired ribbon around it and gluing on small coordinating blooms. Hang it from white rickrack for an extra dash of sweetness.

Living Room, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Recessed Lighting, Chair, Concrete Floor, and Ottomans Custom wood millwork, polished concrete floors, and some exposed concrete were used for the interiors. 

19. Renew your furniture. If your everyday tables and chairs aren’t inspiring you the way they used to, consider giving them a makeover with chalky-finish paint and new upholstery in a light hue.

Living Room, Concrete Floor, Chair, End Tables, and Recessed Lighting An entrance lounge and concealed laundry are located on the entrance level, where there is also a small lounge area with books.

Living Room, Console Tables, Rug Floor, Table Lighting, End Tables, and Sofa The generous, double-height entrance lounge is equipped with washer/dryer utilities tucked under the stair with a cantilevered mezzanine "book nook" right above it. 

Living Room, End Tables, Chair, Coffee Tables, Concrete Floor, and Recessed Lighting The next level holds a living/dining area with a powder room and entertainment area. 

Kitchen, White Cabinet, Stone Counter, Subway Tile Backsplashe, Concrete Floor, and Refrigerator A continuous open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area with a powder room is located in the living level. 

Bedroom, Rug Floor, Chair, Bed, Pendant Lighting, Light Hardwood Floor, Night Stands, and Table Lighting The third level houses three bedrooms with ensuite baths.

Bedroom, Chair, Dresser, Bed, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Pendant Lighting The bedrooms have access to the spacious deck outdoors.

Bedroom, Bed, Night Stands, Storage, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Table Lighting Three bedrooms and bathrooms with generous, tapered ceilings reside on the third level.  

Bath Room and Undermount Sink The bathrooms were kept simple and bright.

Exterior, House Building Type, and Flat RoofLine A separate two-car garage is located near the entrance of the house, which has a bike rack and planters out front.


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