Timber Frame Home Design

Timber Frame Home Design



Note that the. mouldings and panels of a door are done first.

Structural and Barn Paints

These are relatively cheap ready-mixed paints suitable for barns, out-buildings, fences, rough timber, ironwork, corrugated iron, etc., where resistance to weather is the main requirement. They are for the most part made from iron oxide or other protective pigments and boiled linseed oil which gives a tough, waterproof and weather-resisting film. One coat is sufficient for most surfaces, and this covers solid and dries with a moderate gloss. One gallon will cover about 80 square yards.

Metallic Paints

In this class there are only the aluminium and gold paints which are of interest to the householder. Aluminium paint provides a protective as well as decorative finish, which is excellent for rain pipes, gutters, railings and all exposed metal or woodwork; it also makes an ideal primer for wood or metal.

This paint is sold in two forms: ready mixed, and as a clear varnish-like medium and powder; the latter is the best as it permits sufficient material to be mixed as required. Ready-mixed aluminium paints lose their brightness with storage and take on a dull, lead-like appearance; sometimes they thicken up to a stiff gel which cannot be made workable again by the addition of thinners. This does not occur if the medium and aluminium powder are stored separately and mixed up to a paint as required.

From 1J to 21b. of aluminium powder is required per gallon of medium, and 1 gallon of such paint will cover about 90 square yards if the medium is on an oil base.

Gold paints are mainly used for finishing small household articles, and the same remarks with regard to mixing medium and powder apply as for aluminium; the covering capacity is also about the same. When a cellulose medium is used the covering capacity is about 70 to 80 square yards per gallon.

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