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Although the cabin has grown, one original aspect that remains honored is the detailed Swedish styling. “Much of it is based on the style ol Swedish artist Carl Larsson,” says Greg, who credits Joy for the cabin’s authentic decor.

I his includes the interior’s simple whitewash over the ceilings and exposed beams that brings lightness to the space. Another nod to old-time Swedish architecture are the charming built-in bed cubbies and the traditional secret compartments. “These details aren’t just authentic, they’re fun, too,” smiles Greg, pulling a perfectly obscured pine box from within the stairwell.

Also adding to the cabin’s genuine feel are Scandinavian antiques and reproductions. As an example, Greg indicates the old light fixture featuring four folk dancers each holding a candle. “We found that on a trip to Sweden. It’s an antique made for holding candles, but we had it electrified so the dancers now each hold a light.” And the family’s television is concealed in a nineteenth-century hand-painted Swedish cupboard.

The simplicity of traditional Nordic decor, with its clean lines, also gives the cabin a modern flair. Marrying old with new relaxes the space, making it easy to enjoy which the Johnsons clearly do.

A bigger view of the kitchen and the loft above.

The cabin owner envisioned a home floating above it oil In a modem glass tree house.

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If Mike and Linda Smith had a theme song, it would likely be “On the Road Again. As reps for several women’s clothing lines, the couple logs hundreds of miles every year, crisscrossing a territory that includes Colorado, Wyoming, and their home base in Montana. “We could have lived anywhere, but we both liked Bozeman.” says Linda. She and Mike decided a few years back they needed an off-the-bcaten-trail retreat where they could kick back and really leave the road behind.

The Smiths were already familiar with Swan Lake, a semi-remote locale an hour’s drive from Glacier National Park. “We’d visited with friends who owned waterfront property there,” says Mike. “It’s a small, pristine body of water surrounded in part by national and state forest land, so there’s a limit to the number of residences that can be built there, which we saw as a real plus, he adds. So

Designing a cabin for a steep lot full of mature trees thirty feet above the lake is a tall task. To tackle the feat, the property owners turned to their architect, who also happens to be their son.

The owners enjoy paddling together on Swan Lake in their matching kayaks the Smiths soon found themselves searching for a lakeside lot.

When a steep site Hanked by mature trees with 200 feet of shoreline came on the market, they did not hesitate. “The property was totally private witli incredible views of the water and the mountains,” says Linda. “It was just perfect for our needs.”

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