A Tiny Guesthouse Hides in a Lush Australian Rainforest

A Tiny Guesthouse Hides in a Lush Australian Rainforest

It starts with the first step as we update the website and add in the current details, from picking out the Jury with careful deliberation to wondering what new talent the results will discover. it is a time of great learning, sharp insights and superlative expectations. From us, of ourselves.

A Tiny Guesthouse Hides in a Lush Australian Rainforest Photo Gallery


As colleague and contemporary, I have witnessed the process unfold and unravel to stunning fruition in the years gone by. As exacting Juror, this year is my first up-close and personal association with the Awards. I have to say, my stomach is tied in knots. Our micro-site for the entries closed early last month and we have been collating results ever since in fact, the process is still on.

The small studio is sited along a gentle slope and is raised upon steel supports to take in views of the tree canopies.

We will be going through the preliminary elimination rounds as this issue goes into print. The Jury convenes around the same time that you will be reading this issue that brings me back to the cusp. I see it as a remarkable threshold that both, new talent and I, will be waiting to step over.

The home's low-maintenance Cor-Ten steel exterior can be easily washed down when needed.

New talent, because I do believe that we help them find their competence, their aptitude and finally, themselves. Me, because this year will see my initiation into this esteemed process of providence. I know I’ll sit up straighter after.

Doors, Exterior, and Metal A ramp leads to the entrance door.

Exterior, Shed Building Type, Cabin Building Type, Metal Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, Shed RoofLine, and Small Home Building Type Because the studio does not have air-conditioning, it relies on natural ventilation for passive cooling. Its north orientation harnesses good solar gains. 

Except for the ceiling and bathroom floor, the entire interior is clad in blackbutt timber, which is also used for all the joinery.   

Living Room, Medium Hardwood Floor, Console Tables, Coffee Tables, Rug Floor, Sofa, and Recessed Lighting "The wood adds warmth and consistency to the space, balancing the tough exterior," explains architect Harley Graham.

Dining Room, Table, Medium Hardwood Floor, Recessed Lighting, and Chair Simple yet stylish, the studio has a kitchenette and dining area.

Living Room, Chair, Medium Hardwood Floor, Sofa, and Rug Floor Pots from Australian brand Pop & Scott.

Hallway and Medium Hardwood Floor The textiles and home goods are from Byron Bay brand Pampa.

Bath Room The studio uses recycled water for all purposes.

Hallway and Medium Hardwood Floor Another peek inside Hidden Studio.


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