A Tiny Italian Flat Undergoes a Modern Revamp For $40K

Storage Room and Closet Storage Type To make the living area feel much more open and comfortable, the architects have created minimal service areas that are hidden when the batipin-plwood panels are closed.

As a team, we hold the thought dear that it is not only a responsibility but also the confidence that the entire fraternity has in our calibration of the final winners. It’s almost like being under oath. And a promise we have made to ourselves, to bring you the best of all design, in design. Naturally, looking forward!

A Tiny Italian Flat Undergoes a Modern Revamp For $40K Photo Gallery


Combining the natural ergonomics of seating and the beauty of ordinary forms, Jaroslav Jurica designed the Candy collection for JEUNEK with candies as inspiration. The round shapes and pastel colours are primarily used to brighten up interiors and inspire playfulness in a room. The foundation of the product line is a wooden structure that provides optimum comfort while exposing the beauty of solid oakwood. Natural materials have been used for the frames as well as the upholstery, to add a fresh perspective to furniture. Retro-inspired accent chairs are made of lacquered fibreglass, with the seat and back upholstered in velvet. The chairs can also be used individually in living rooms, restaurants and hotel lobbies.

Living Room, Chair, Stools, Sofa, Table, and Table Lighting White resin has been used for the flooring in the living room.

Folded and grooved

Designed by Victoria Wilmotte for French retailer Matiere Grise, the Wind table is a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese technique. The original art of Origami involves folding paper into decorative shapes and forms, but Wilmotte has applied the same technique to steel. The vividly-coloured side tables come in different shapes, all of which have a steady, almost cylindrical base.

Bedroom and Bed One of the wall panels is a Murphy bed.

Storage Room, Shelves Storage Type, and Closet Storage Type One of the walls hides a pull-out sofa and a wardrobe.

Outdoor, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, and Horizontal Fences, Wall Synthetic grass has been used for the balcony floor.

Kitchen and White Cabinet A look at the pinewood-paneled corridor that leads into the kitchen.

Kitchen and White Cabinet A light blue resin has been chosen for the floors, walls, and ceilings in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Bath Room and Wall Mount Sink The lighting fixture was made by Studio Wok.


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