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Reclaimed barnwood is a favored material of designers these days. While it lends a charming, rustic feel to any room, it can be problematic to work with. Old lumber can be warped, checked, brittle, dirty and just plain fickle.

Builders and woodworkers have a number of tips for working with this tricky material:

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1. Some of the reclaimed wood you purchased won’t be useable, so buy a bit more than you’ll need.

2. When it comes to old, painted wood, it’s best to assume that any paint is lead-based. Saw off and discard the painted wood or coat it in a high-quality polyurethane to seal it. First be sure to remove all old nails, for the safety of both you and your tools.

3. If boards are especially dirty such as floorboards from an old barn a stout wire brush will enable you to remove a large majority of the dirt without impacting the patina.

4. Planing one side of the board flat will make it easier to affix to a wall or include in a piece of furniture, without losing any of the character of the un-planed side.

5. Most importantly, be comfortable with the quirks, character, and oddities that barnwood will bring to your project. After all, that’s why you chose it in the first place!

Love at first sight: The new owners of this cabin fell In love with the wraparound porch when they first toured the property.

Barnwood lends a charming, rustic feel to any room, but it can be tricky to work with to another,’ Felesha remembers. Re-enameled and fitted with antique-style hardware, the tub is flanked by windows a perfect vantage point for watching the snow fall in winter.

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