Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room


A coat of paint should be applied to the edge of the door skirting boards to be painted to the bottom edge. If there is a fixed surround of linoleum, parquet or polished boards, it is a good plan to cover this with paper (a roll of discarded wallpaper is suitable) pasted down with very weak flour paste. This protects the surround from scratches and paint splashes, and it can be easily removed with hot water and a brush when the work has been completed.

All fittings such as door knobs, curtain clips, finger plates and key-hole cover plates should, wherever practicable, be

Apply paint to the moulds of the panels removed and put away in a safe place, and any necessary repairs to the woodwork should be carried out before painting begins.

Preparing the Surface

The first process is that of preparing the wood surface for painting, and the degree and kind of preparation will depend upon the previous treatment and its present condition. It is seldom necessary, before repainting interior woodwork, to remove the old paint, unless it has been badly applied or poor quality material has been used.

In such cases it must be removed, and, for the best methods of removal, the reader is referred to Chapter Seven, where the processes are fully described. It may be noted that often in rooms where all the other surfaces are in good condition the old paint on the window sills is cracked or crazed by the heat of the sun refracted through the windows. If that has occurred, the old paint should be removed.

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