Top 10 Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas

Top 10 Bathroom Tile Decorating Ideas

Turning corners

Many spaces will require you to tile around corners and across edges. A professional finish here will require a neat and steady hand. Again, when dealing with small pieces of tile,

Cutting tiles

1 Make a score mark across the tile using a tile scorer or the wheel cutter of the score-and-cut tool.

3 On a tile cutting jig there is marking gauge that you set to the width of the gap before cutting it is best to apply the adhesive directly on the back of the tile with a small, notchi spreader. This avoids excess adhesive gettii onto the rest of the tile.


At internal corners, you need to overL one set of cut tiles over another. Work oi which edge will be least noticeable whe overlapped before you start.

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