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As the festive excitement begins to set in, it is easy to forget we are also approaching the start of a new year. With 2017 rapidly drawing to a close, it is important to look to the future when considering home renovations. For the keeneyed trend spotter, there are already the first suggestions of what lies in store for 2018, so if you are planning a new kitchen you may be able to draw some inspiration from the shifting styles.

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One development for the year ahead is that kitchen design is moving away from white as more and more homeowners are embracing colours and patterns. New trends such as two tone cabinets and striking geometric tiles have emerged, although it is possible to compromise by using white as an accent rather than a foundation. A splash of white can brighten the room by juxtaposing the neighbouring shades, and will create a pleasing sense of balance.


Quartz worktops are also establishing themselves as a firm favourite, as a manmade alternative to granite. Fortified with resin, quartz is among the toughest worktop materials, with its high resistance to burns, scratches and chips making it perfect for kitchens that see a lot of activity. Easily maintained, quartz makes for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen surface with a high-shine, and comes in a range of colours including white, grey, brown and black.

If you are planning to experiment with colour in your kitchen, it is best to save this for the cabinets, drawers and splashbacks rather than the work surfaces, as these work better in more subtle shades to ground the design scheme. Finally, kitchen storage is another crucial factor to consider. Wall-mounted units are a great way to save space, and if you choose one with glass panels it can also act as a display cabinet for your best china. So it is decorative as well as practical! With 2018 on the horizon, it’s time to get ahead with trends and think about what you want from your kitchen, and what needs to change in order to achieve it.

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