Trend Styling ideas Glorious Garden Buys

Stylist & Book Author Selina Lake Shares Her on Trend Styling ideas & Glorious Garden Buys

Thrifty chic is a perfect garden style for anyone being more savvy with their budget. And you can achieve a stylish result for next to nothing if you champion second-hand, reuse and recycle. It’s good for our purses and the environment, and reusing old items enables you to create a very unique look in your outside space. Have a scour of online Freecycle sites for second-hand garden items, tools and furniture and keep your eyes peeled for objects being thrown away by your neighbours. One of my best freebie-finds was a lovely old rusty trolley, which had been left outside for weeks by one of my neighbours.

Trend Styling ideas Glorious Garden Buys

I kept thinking how nice it was, so I popped a note through their door asking if I could buy it and found they were happy for me to take it off their hands. I knew exactly where I wanted to put it in my garden. You can also be thrifty with things you have tired of indoors, giving them a new lease of life in your garden. Old baskets are perfect for planting up summer annuals or make for a stylish way to collect weeds. How about making garden decorations from rubbish like my plastic bag bunting idea? Charity shops have now reopened and are bursting with donated goods from lockdown clear-outs, so you can find quirky vintage crockery that might make good planters, and nice old tools that will add a decorative effect to your space. To keep the thrift look on the stylish side, choose items with similar colours – grey, black and white metals and woods work well in a garden setting. I hope you have fun being thrifty!

Bin-bag bunting I’m desperately trying to be plastic-free, but I still have some bags in my cupboards, so I thought I would turn some into weatherproof bunting to adorn my shed. I cut them into 10 x 20cm flags and then folded them up so I could snip out pattern shapes, just like you would to make paper snowflakes at Christmas. I used a sharp skewer to carefully pierce a hole at the top on both sides of each flag then threaded garden wire through to hang them up.

Instant sculpture No budget for a stone statue to give your border a focal point? Then steal my trick and plunge an old spade or fork into the ground instead. The effect is similar, but much cheaper!


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