Tropical Home Designs Bali

The corridor linking the dining room and the sleeping quarters in Joost van Grieken's house.

The guest living room in a Japanese art lover's home looks out to a sun-dappled garden.

A large handmade glass plate sculpture by Seiki Torige.

Yesteryear's thatched huts have become today's highly marketable garden estates. TROPICAL HOME DESIGNS BALI All over the island, exciting collaborations between Balinese building techniques and contemporary vision have produced new dream-homes of startling originality. Increasingly, there is a challenging dualism between tradition and modernity, organic materials and metals or plastics, high-tech components and crafted-by-hand accessories. Manual techniques of vernacular construction could sit awkwardly beside pre-fab technology, but by tapping into t rends from outside rather than from within Bali, and by taking advantage of the island's plentiful materials, villas are created that speak volumes about the island's architectural journey.

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Quality is the catchword, ‘Bali-based' the buzzword.

Handmade glass dinner set comprising plates, glasses and candle holders by Seiki Torige.






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