It is even possible – without moving too far into waters fraught with intellectual danger – to argue that design predates art, if only because it is rooted in survival rather than in expression.

In fact, design may have been a necessary prerequisite to aesthetic enjoyment, allowing for pleasures beyond bare existence, TROPICAL HOME DESIGNS although much evidence points to the almost simultaneous development of all of the arts far back in the early Stone Age.27 Many recent assessments of cave art have dropped the epithet “primitive and acknowledged early prehistoric works as art.

A similar awareness should be brought to design: the adaptation of the cave constituted a design intervention that does not need to be qualified by the relative term “primitive.28

Hardly a crude, long-abandoned requirement, the human need for shelter remains with us today in memories of the environments that have supported and nurtured us. Spaces that have emotional resonance can be said to evoke a range of responses in some cases almost an ancestral memory of a lost paradise, but also recollections of half-forgotten places we have passed through, as children or adults, that float somewhere in the back of our minds. The search for shelter, then, is universal, but also, by its intimate nature, deeply individual.





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