Two Story Home Designs

Two Story Home Designs

On absorbent surfaces, such as new plaster and brickwork, it is necessary to thin oil-bound distempers with a special solution known as petrifying liquid. This should be of the same brand as the distemper. Petrifying liquid should also be used for thinning when the distemper is employed on surfaces subject to weather, such as gable ends, brick walls, stucco, roughcast, etc.

An oil-bound distemper can, when thoroughly dry, be varnished over, and this is an excellent way to finish dadoes and other surfaces subject to conditions that would quickly dirty unprotected distemper.

Special ceiling distempers are offered by almost all paint manufacturers, and these, when correctly thinned and applied, make an excellent job. They are so cheap that it is not worth the trouble for the handyman to make up whitewash according to the recipes given in the older reference books.

The covering capacity of powder distemper varies so much that no figures can be given; for paste distemper of the oil-bound type 14 lb. when thinned, covers about 100 square yards. As distempers are largely used for interior wall decoration, a few words relative to the influence of colour will not be out of place.

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